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[EU] NKHQ Freeroam Server - 0.9.7 [TS3]

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icon.jpg Welcome to the NKHQ (NekomimiHQ) Server! icon.jpg

I am a member of the NKHQ Team/YouTube channel and I am running this server privately.

Out team/community runs YouTube/Twitch and some other gameservers, we are a group of freinds and we'll be on the server often in the next time, but remember, that we are in the MEZ timezone.

icon.jpg About the server: icon.jpg

It's online 24/7 and runs a basic vanilla instance of Just Cause 3.

The Location of the Server is in north germany, so anyone near should have a low ping.

It's great to just test out the features of the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer alone or with your friends, all in all it supports up to 20 players.

If you have any questions, just contact me at: flatrate.lp[a]gmx.de

We also have a TeamSpeak 3 Server, the address is: nkhq.ddns.net

icon.jpg You can connect to the server via: icon.jpg



Enjoy it!

- NKHQ team

Edited by FlatrateLP
Correction + Added TS3 info

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