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[EU] OpenFire 24/7 - Combat Freeroam (inactive)

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Hello everyone,

We are team OpenFire and we present to you our 24/7 server. You may have heard of us before, we are Linux fanatics and we have lots of experience hosting dedicated JC2-MP and CS:GO servers. Our community focuses specifically on PvP combat, there are always fun fights at the airfield and on Boom Island. That's the reason why our community is so special.

> We offer players a 180-tick server that guarantees lag-free and bavarium-proof combat. We are renting a dedicated server with 8 vCores, 32GB of RAM, and a 1Gbit connection. We also have advanced ddos protection, and the server is located in the middle of West-Europe for minimal latency (Strasbourg, FR). Due to our auto-restart scripts and a sturdy custom distro, our server has 99.95% uptime. (That's why it's called a 24/7 server, duh.)

> In the near future we will be adding more combat-focused mods and more markers around the map.

> If you have any ideas, suggestions or constructive criticism, reply to this post or contact us at "[email protected]". Our team can reply in English, Dutch, German and Russian.


> Our server can be accessed via the Server Browser or by connecting to the following address: openfire.hypothermic.nl


Happy Fighting!

- Team OpenFire


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