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[English]BattleRoyale server(close for now)

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(We are not a rp server)


Hey folks,i’m going to be introducing you the most incredible and exciting PvP experience you can have on JC3MP(as for now).The “Battle Royale” is based on the movie called  The Hunger Games which is also based on a Japanese movie called Battle Royale.

The gamemode is composed of 2 big part for the moment :

The lobby is a place that you can wait for enough people to join and interact with each other whilst waiting for the game to launch. But what is the main objective of this game? The main objective of this game is for you to kill everyone and be the last one remaining. It will spawn you in a random area by yourself, as each minute goes by, the area gets smaller meaning that people have more chance of hunting each other and erase them from the area. Of course if you die, you will get sent back to the lobby and wait for another game to start.

Next feature :

ClientSide to add :
Number of player on the lobby on the right : {NumberLobby}Joined
Number of player alive and kill that you have made : Killed:{killplayer} , Alive: {playeralive}
Appear on the middle of the screen just 30 seconds before it's start : Round Start in XX sec
Minimap working with the area changes.
Make an other Death Screen .
Add health bar of the player on a side of the screen

ServerSide to add:
Optimise Code
GameObject spawn at the start of the game and make spawn random weapon on the player around x meter and then delete gameobject .
Remove regen
Inventory + add object like bandage etc..
Increase damage from weapon .(5 bullet kill someone(at the place of 60))
Possibility to join a game as a team of 2 or 3 .


More Coming....

A public repo has been made for people who want to help us for the next maj  it's not optimise and not everything is tested .


Staff :

Myami: Admin , dev JS(FR)

Daranix : Admin, dev JS(ES)


Edited by myami
Add new repo test

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Really cool to see someone attempting to create a Battle Royale mode for Nanos' mod. This could be a pretty damn cool game mode if you manage to get it up and running. Happy to add another body to the testing pool if you're planning on carrying out any focused testing :).

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