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Sebastian M.

Community guidelines & rules

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To ensure the well-being of the nanos community the following rules must always be followed.
Please note hat they can be changed by the community management at any time without explicit notice.

(1) Appropriate Behaviour

1.1) You shall act in respect of other's personality and opinion.

1.2) Your nickname shall be in accordance with all applicable laws and any of the rules listed here. It may not contain offensive, racist or sexual content, tags or other such wordings.

(2) Language

2.1) You only shall write in English.

2.2) Exception: Supported language forums or other explicit exceptions given by an administrator. Therefor you have the burden of proof (--> You have to proof the permission!).


(3) Criminal actions and Libels

3.1) You shall respect the law. Any illegal activity is strictly forbidden in our community.

3.2) You are not allowed to offend anybody or libel him in any other way.
This also implies the respect of other rights including copyrights, any kind of intellectual property and other forbidden content. This enumeration is not exhaustive.

(4) No sexual or racist content

It's forbidden to post sexual or racist content.

(5) No commercial content

5.1) You shall not post commercial content without permission given by an administraotr.

5.2) Therefor you have the burden of proof (--> You have to prove the permission).

5.3) A general exception ist given for "JC3MP Server Advertisement".

(6) Posting Directive

6.1) You shall not double-post or bump a thread unless you have a good reason.

6.2) A good reason is not given for purposes of pushing.

6.3) Any way of spamming is forbidden.

6.4) You have not the right to force nanos condoning a post, topic or thread unless for lawful reasons based on German law.

(7) Contact Directive

Don't message team members unless you have a good reason. Use the official ways.



Questions? You are allowed to write Sebastian M. or Malte S. a private message.

Last Update: Malte S. 01/23/2016 13:35

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