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JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #12

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Heyho folks, your administrative issues are back again with yet another Just Cause 3 Multiplayer 1.1 development blog!🔥

Current changes

We have improved massively on the way logging is done. We now have much more control over what is logged, and we now write to a single log file instead of a separate one for each component. This way we can send the log with a crash dump. We will be changing our internal tools to utilize this change so during dump analysis we can easily spot the action that caused the crash. This will help us in the future with tracking down issues quicker, fixing the bugs that cause them and making internal testing more efficient. We want to improve further upon this, but these changes already improve upon our previous system immensely. This whole system is something that we could, and probably will, utilize for future projects as well.

We are also still tracking down some CEF issues which for some people causes the mouse wheel to stop working in the latest beta build. The problem we are having with this is that none of our team members have succeeded in reproducing the issue locally, which makes it quite hard to figure out what is causing the issue.

Finally, we worked on adding a couple of missing pieces in functionality that we missed during the re-implementation of the client, we estimate this will be finished sometime during the following week.


This was the development blog for this week. See you guys again next week, stay fresh!😉

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