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Lord Farquaad

Gamemode Ideas

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Do you have a cool idea for a gamemode that you want to share with the community? This is the right place!

Describe your gamemode in as much detail as possible here so that other community members who are interested in developing packages in Just Cause 3 Multiplayer can make your idea come to life.


Or, you can start making your gamemode right now! The scripting docs can be found here. If you need help, you can visit the scripting channel in Discord or post right here on the forums.

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1. PaintBall
Making subrifle able to fire special projectiles that acts as paintballs and kills you with one hit.
2 teams 16vs16
4 teams 4vs4vs4vs4

2. RPG(?)
Character level, experience from quests / killing. The better gun the more requirements needed to be able to use it. Gathering money to buy ammunition, guns etc. Some guns are rare and obtainable through crafting.

3. Zombie Plague
Some players starts as zombies, some are humans that need to gather equipment and defend from zombies. If you die as human, you become zombie till all humans die or time passes.

I hope that new update will help me with most things that are needed to get those modes done. So much to override, right now it's not possible to do those things :(

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No Friendly Fire squad gameplay. So co-operative team play can be possible.

MechWarrior:Mercenaries style, your Squad blows up or captures a Checkpoint Objective on the Map.

The game picks a random military base or police station on the map.
5-10 players join the squad.
The game randomly assigns each player a number from one to ten. Your number is your rank. Lucky Number one is the Commander. Only the commander can give communication. If you die the guy behind you steps up.
A Single squad or multi-squad Battles or you can have 'Who gets there first' Army battles.


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