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Infininite Acquiring Information

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My friend and I got the mod today. I have played online before and tried to make my own Server which did not work. He couldnt connect even though I portforwarded so we wanted to join a already existing Server.

But now we both when we try to join get the Aqcuiring Information Screen and get stuck there.We are definately connected to the Server because we can see the Players and explosions in the Background.

I tried reinstalling the mod and deleted Appdata\local\(Just cause 3 multiplayer Folder). Still doesnt work.I checked the Firewall but everything seems ok.

Can you help us?

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19 minutes ago, Lord Farquaad said:

Try running the game as admin or disabling your antivirus. You could also check your router settings.

Running it as admin did nothing.Disabling my Antivirus also did nothing.Tried restarting my Pc.Still doesnt work. My friend has the exact same issue so I think that ist not a Problem with my router

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Just now, Lord Farquaad said:

Have you tried reinstalling JC3MP? Have you tried various servers?

Yes I have -.- Ist with every Server and reinstalling doesnt fix it. My friend has the exact same Problem so I really dont get it why it doesnt work after I deleted every file of the mod

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