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Frontier Columbia | Large world, small team

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Hello everyone! We are going to introduce you to Frontier Columbia, a map and gamemode based on Nanos World and available at the release of it. Here’s some information about it:


- The map will be a scale version of North America (US, Canada and Mexico) along with Hawaii, Alaska and the Canadian Archipelago.

- The map will have multiple biomes, such as plains, deserts, mountains, forests and tundras.

- Some cities will also be added onto the map, like miniaturized versions of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, along with other cities and towns from around North America.


Gamemode Features :

- A freeroam hub

- Race modes (Classic ,Time trial , Death race  and more )

- Pvp gamemodes (BattleRoyale, Deathmatch, King of The Hill, CTF and more)

- RP


The team:

- Myami ,Quentin, FR- Programming, Founder

- Btje, Breunie, NL - 2D designer, Founder

- Ralstoni64, Ian, USA - 3D Modeler, Founder

- Protato, Ash, NZ - World design, programming, Founder

- Gaveroid, Gavin, USA - Programming


We are currently searching for:

1 X 3D model artist who can create character and animal models

1 X 3D model artist for vegetation and smaller objects (trees, rocks, hay bales and other environmental objects)



Future screenshots and news will be on our Discord: https://discord.gg/5PjmBWM

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Don't need more programmers

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