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Dennis S.

JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #5

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Heyho folks, your administrative issues are back again with yet another Just Cause 3 Multiplayer 1.1 development blog!🔥

Main Topic: tethers, tethers and tethers!

First off, we have working network code for our tethers now, it's not perfect though yet, the wire isn't in the correct position.
Not to worry though, we know what is causing this and are already working on a fix which should actually be ready later today.
Also, there are some issues with vehicles, where the wire attaches to the wrong part of the vehicle, we are working on trying this fixed.
As for the physics involved in tethering, tether pull isn't working yet on remote machines and we are looking into this,
we can make the pull visual but this doesn't have an effect on the physics.  We have prepared a video for you showing the sync in its current state.
In the video you can also see a problem when resizing the windows and this is caused by a mistake when cleaning up the graphics code, this has been resolved.

Changes, new features and fixes:

  • We worked on some UI improvements/changes (we will also make it work better on 4k displays)
  • Fixing issues where the camera is affected by other players, work is ongoing here,
    but all the things you experienced in 1.0 should be fixed in 1.1 unless we missed something
  • We are currently working on adding additional functions to our scripting API
  • We worked on the disaster
  • Fixing some debug asserts that triggered in some situations
  • We made the decision to switch all of our infrastructure to a cloud provider this year, to ensure all our services remain available 



nanos world

Btw we published the name of our upcoming game last week.
If you're interested in that:
  - we're going to drop some proper information about it this month, so make sure you're following the game's social media channels: 


This was the development blog for this week. See you guys again next sunday, 7pm UTC!😉


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3 hours ago, treboR said:

Nanos World? I don't have room for any more MPs! I had to drop IV:MP just to be here.

I am sure you gonna like nanos world, so make some room for it ;) 

The release of it is far, far in the future anyway lol 

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