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Well hello there

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Hello fellow nanosians,

I am Wulf15 but you may call me Patrik.

I'm a 26yo gamer from Lower-Saxony in Germany. I love the Just Cause franchise and can't wait to get my hands on the MP.

If there are anymore questions concerning my person feel free to ask. 😄

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Twenty-six? Nice to see another adult on here. How's the internet in Germany? I myself have all three Just Cause games. I love 2, my all-time favorite. Too bad it's not optimized well. The first one was alright, I put a few hours in that one. JC3 was kind of a disappointment to me, they removed a lot from 2. You seem like a cool dude, just avoid the crazies. Can't wait to see you in-game. 

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Well it's like everywhere else I guess. Except a little more  DEUTSCH!!!!


I like the third game but I agree with you. The second one was better. The german synchro is just terrible. 

Meeting ingame? Sounds like a Date.  :-P

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