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Just Cause - Roleplay

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Ladies and gentlemen from Médici! We proudly present the greatest immersion in roleplay you have ever seen: the Just Cause - Roleplay!



I've been developing roleplays's server since the Just Cause 2 - Multiplayer, but now I also brought it to Just Cause 3 too!


- What can you expect from the server now?

Jobs, Gasoline for vehicles, Gas Stations, Needs such as hunger and thirst, Snack Bars, Banks to deposit your money, Hospitals, and more!


- What do we plan for the future?

A LOT OF new jobs, buyable Houses, buyable Vehicles, Factions/Gangs, buyable Establishments, new explorable lands, and more!


I will be very grateful if you can support the project, and like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/justcauserp/


Join us: Facebook & Discord

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Actually one of the best servers I've already played on. I am really looking forward for the further progress, especially with the upcoming features which could come with the 1.1 version. 

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Very interesting project. In my opinion, it could even make more people aware of the multiplayer. I'm really curious to see how you guys are doing the different Jobs.

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