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Pascal S.

JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

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Hey everybody,

the time has finally come. After over a year of development effort we're happy to announce that our first beta release of our Just Cause 3 Multiplayer mod will be available on December 20. This will be a full release including the server files allowing everyone to host their own servers and begin scripting awesome game modes. We expect the first stable 1.0 release of the mod to be ready in January or February next year. You will be able to download the mod from our website, similar to the previous preview downloads. In the meantime, we have an announcement trailer for you to watch:


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Hell yeah! Thank you for making this possible, I will enjoy this big time for sure.

Already following this project for months, but now was the time to create a account ;)

Thinking of hosting a server on my desktop server (i7 6700, 16GB ddr4, and samsung SSD) if possible (it already runs a minecraft server)

If so, will it be listed in the server browser? or will I have to make a public DNS to share the server?

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