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Martin K.

Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

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On 7.1.2017 at 1:34 AM, Calin Florea said:

1. Obviously all the retractable grapling hooks should be there, otherwise its just jc2 online. I can see how that would be a big challenge and the problems that might come up while playing with that. But as long as its a toggle function for the server , it should be fine.

2. Bavarium wingsuit weapons

3. Mechs and all DLC stuff, if thats possible somehow wihtout interfering with the DLC stuff.

4. A way for steam friends to see my waypoint, so we can do a race, with gps on for both

5. All the weapons for shure

6. somehwat bigger and easier to spot name tag for the players, a better font maybe, for the actual game, not the map

7. Option to close the spawn menus after spawning something, and maybe possibility to bind other buttons for those, if its not already available.

Bug fixes:

- as far as i played, only bug was that some vehicles spawn a bit far away from the player, but not a big deal

- on one server people were in but couldnt see eachother on the map or in the game, might a specific server issue, idk


Nice ideas man, but I think the vehicles spawn where you look at not just neer the player


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Many people would like to see the survival mode back into multiplayer.
JC2-MP had one VERY good server that included: (some ideas are altered for a more realistic look)

- A mapwide survival mode. 

- Central spawn in the main city. (with a big dome where new spawns are save and trading can be done; /spawn)

- Character model change. (Can be found all over the main city; on top of high buildings ect. Like a computer where you can open a menu to change skins)

- Inventory/Backpack. Size change when you wear a bigger backpack or army vest.

- Building. One big thing is the building feature. Walls/doors/chests/light/plants/beds ect. Are found in generated crates all across the maps.
  Can be placed everywhere apart from city's, military bases or airports. Someone else can't place something if they are close to your base (200meter). 

- Beds are spawnpoints. When place you can right click to make it your spawnpoint when you die. (if you dont have a point set you spawn at the main spawn.)

- Medikits, Weapons, flares, grenades, food+water and Building items:Walls/doors/chests/light/plants/beds ect are found in generated crates all across the maps.
  The more dangerous the better the loot. Crates go from small to medium to big size. Biggest size contains al the good stuff.
- Vehicles cant be spawn in, are found across the map. Have the same spawn location. so if you want a plane you go to the airfield. if you want a tank you go to the military.

- Clans can be made, names will be visible much further than normal persons. Also a dot on the map appears of your clan mate.

- You got Health, water, food bar.

You cant use mods/hacks, everthing is server sided. Items in the world generate every 2 hours. Last log-out place is saved so you spawn in the same spot next time you join.

If anyone got other ideas let me know. Most of these ideas are from the JC-mp survival server.


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