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Sebastian M.

Development Blog - Week 29

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Hello and welcome to this weeks development blog,

This week we want to give you a small insight in our latest testing sessions, which is why we have decided to record some footage of us testing the recent parachute and wingsuit synchronization. The editing and recording took quite a while which is the reason why we had to delay the development blog till today, Monday.

Anways, we eventually finished the video so be sure to check it out right now!

While testing bugs were found which resulted in a lot of bugfixing and trying to minimize crashes. We're slowly getting to a really playable state, as we were able to play for about an hour without a single crash or timeout. For an early development stage as the current one this is quite good.

Furthermore, we have started working on implementing a main menu (server browser, etc.) to the game. This also required changing our CEF implementation to make it safer (e.g. disabling interferring with our client menu by scripts, which is also based on CEF).

So, that's it for this week,
until next Sunday!

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1 minute ago, CaptainSikay said:

Good job! No crashes is good :) And can we get a screenshot of the UI next week :D

Depends on whether we can finish it till then.

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Looking good!

Can't wait to try it out one day! (i'd probably be fine with it crashing every 20 minutes as long as it worked)

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