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  1. [ND]xXZeusXx

    How close do we live together

    Am I the only one from India here?
  2. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Get ready for the 2nd JC3:MP Public Preview

    The hype is real!
  3. [ND]xXZeusXx

    A sad day

    Rest in peace. Amen.
  4. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 23

    Wow, Great Work!
  5. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 17

    Thank you mate.
  6. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 17

    http://justcause3mods.com/nanos-jc3mp-a-new-just-cause-multiplayer-experience/ Um, I don't know, this link doesn't work for me.
  7. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 8

    Good job! you guys achieved almost perfect sync at a great pace!
  8. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 6

    Great job once again i have to say!
  9. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 5

    Great job guys
  10. [ND]xXZeusXx

    There's another GTA V multiplayer running?

    Well, ill quote them, they said "most of the developers are aussies, court wont open a case for such a small reason" or whatsoever plus they said they did everything from scratch will the other 2 mods who got taken down (your and nta's) used snippets from original gta v (something related to network). So they had right to su you. i dont wana start any war. im just really surprised that one multiplayer is running while 2 got taken down. it will be interesting to see what happens.
  11. [ND]xXZeusXx

    There's another GTA V multiplayer running?

    Their developer "Discovery" told they've already discussed with take 2. Moreover the mod is out for download. Since December 17.
  12. Well, the title says it all. I told my friends that the developers of GTA : MP are now working at JC3 : MP. But he told me there's already another V multiplayer running and most of their developers are Aussie. This is the link :| I don't know I just wanted to show you guys . you people might already know about this though. http://gtavmp.org
  13. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 3

    Ermm from not far away I actually meant like 6 months.
  14. [ND]xXZeusXx


    Welcome, looking forward to make memories with y'all.
  15. [ND]xXZeusXx

    Development Blog - Week 3

    Very great job! And yes, it will be exciting indeed to see who will be the new devs too. The release is not far away

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