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  1. Can you add it via the script.js spawnmenu package file? Or is it not possible and also DLC cars crash my game when I use them after changing the variable to null even though I own them?
  2. Yeah im currently living in Auckland (been for like 10+ years now)
  3. Dope another kiwi? <3
  4. Where and how can we install plugins? Also, how can 1 person spawn 2 or more vehicles?

    1. Havora



      I dont think there is avaliable "Plugins" yet and I gave a guide on how to on one of the topics

      So the spawnmenu.js file in the freeroam/events folder

      This is my directory for it


      Taken from @HolyPhoenix from another scripting discussion about this. (this is is how he did it)

    2. Swan


      Thanks for the help! keep up the good work!

  5. Hello, you will see me helping around on Server issues and other things on the forums as some topics are just left dead and they dont get solved however I enjoy JC3 multiplayer just as I enjoyed JC2 multiplayer even though JC2 was made by different people anyway thanks for what Nanos actually achieved I tweeted at them about it and the responded so they are great :)
  6. Port forward 4200 and 4202 (TCP and UDP) use the ip from this site https://www.kieran.pw/myIP when creating a JC3 Authorization Key (auth key)
  7. in JC2 Multiplayer they disabled the bots/npcs just due to the lack of processing power maybe the host has to have to actually render all the npcs/cars in driving at the same time and I doubt its any different I see massive lag if thats ever implemented unless they find a workaround however maybe a few npcs to play with host spawned is fine.
  8. Requirement is 610x250 and it needs to be uploaded as a .png to imgur once that is done you can copy the link for the picture and put it in your masterlist
  9. Below is the only way to do it but it wont actually allow you to choose as you are actually removing the entire function which just stops it from destorying your previous car and allowing you to infinitely spawn cars but it works so yeah. If its private then I guess that doesnt matter if you spam cars but just be careful as I tested it and if you spawn too many cars at a fraction of a second you can crash your game. So the spawnmenu.js file in the freeroam/events folder This is my directory for it beta-v0.9.5_server\packages\freeroam\events Taken from @HolyPhoenix from another scripting discussion about this. (this is is how he did it) In this file: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/freeroam/blob/master/events/spawnMenu.js Delete lines 3-8.
  10. @FunSize ; You have to put the unpackaged folder in your "packages" location in your dedicated server folder. Here is a image to demostrate
  11. Thanks for this Phoenix <3
  12. Well when it becomes possible hopefully someone who scripts JC3 items can do it instantly
  13. Just a fun friendly sandbox server which is dedicated at the moment unless popularity hits and it moves to a proper hosting company. This community is dedicated to be friendly and active with staff members being on most of the time to handle annoying players, if you wish to join as its been been put up its on the masterlist under as the topic name so you dont get confused. It is hosted in New Zealand and when it gets popular it can get moved to a Sydney Server. We are just a casual sandbox server and will not be really harsh on others unless they abuse / terrorize other players Current Scripts : FPSMeter Server News (just added / needs to be configured) Vehicle Booster (binded to the I key) Future Scripts Hopefully Wingsuit Booster Modified Justcord (Needs to be configured) Rules : There are basically no rules except common sense which is dont be an idiot or abuse other players You will see me on my server 24/7 (hopefully) if you have any issues relating to the server you can add me on steam which is just [ STEAM PROFILE ] (click that) and I will accept any friend requests