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  1. falon1000

    [USA] Falon's Server

    Welcome to Falons's Server advertisement We have a custom /repair command, custom teleports, auto enter cars. we try to be as stable as possible, with this new 0.9.5 update we hope to be up 24/7 we're trying to code a better /passive to godmode your car as well, just need to figure some more stuff out. If you have any ideas, suggestions or constructive criticism, reply to this post or contact us at "[email protected]" Our server can be accessed via the Server Browser or by connecting to the following IP address:
  2. falon1000

    My code was stolen. Do not trust this user

    I didn't steal "your" code, your code was pasted in the chat for everyone to see, i did base my version around it so some things are the same, but i didn't steal your code, here are the differences. My Code

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