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  1. Tarry

    Troling Players

    I would encourage you to report any bad behaviour it to admins if they're online and if they're not, message them on discord, most servers have a discord.
  2. Tarry

    Troling Players

    Some servers are specifically friendly and this type of trolling is forbidden. *cough*
  3. Tarry

    Client commands

    aaah ok that makes more sense, you're not actually doing it server side, it's still client side as it only works client side, it's just not initiated by the player. In jc3mp code runs in 3 places, on the server, on the client in game and on the client in the ui overlay (e.g. spawn menu). you need to first look at how the standard commands are done in packages/freeroam/commands in your own package you need to replicate adding your own commands to the command manger.. actually if it helps I have a bare bones command package I've called 'derpcommands' which is very derp, might help you, hit me up on discord From there you need to look at using events to have that command, which runs server side, do things on the client. https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/Communication between Packages BUT, I don't think setting wingsuit boost dynamically works, I think you set it once and that's it. I might be wrong, maybe you just have to close wingsuit and reopen, maybe I just didn't try hard enough or had some other bug in my code.
  4. Tarry's Friendly Freeroam is a freeroam server with a difference. We actively discourage griefing, random death match, grief matches, any unsolicited attacks on other players, hate speech and generally any kind of nastiness. Warm hugs all round. PvP is allowed, but only with players who want to... and try to do it with some finesse, enjoy the challenge of having to actually aim at your target. Find us in the masterlist or at Special features: Multi-vehicle spawn: each player can have up to 4 vehicles at a time, whether you want to experience the wonderful desync of carrying things in the cargo plane or drive your monster truck over some bangers the choice is yours. No rocket launchers??: Yes, that's right, no rocket launchers. Rocket launchers are great until someone keeps blowing up your vehicle for for no reason and you have no chance to get away. If you really want to explode things (of course you do) we have C4! Also no DK pistol (big head gun) because that's just annoying. Faster wingsuit boost: Be careful, there's nothing more shameful than flying head first into a wall while trying to show off. It's infinite too. Secret fast vehicles: Parked up throughout Medici, find them, try not to wreck them on the first bend, have fun (see gif below). Justcord: Discord/game integration, chat with players through discord, chat with discord through the game ( https://discord.gg/hqkvrTC ) 800x600 support for the poor souls suffering with that crash-on-join bug. Custom teleports: In addition to the standard teleports we now have... gran (Granmatre Frigo's house, for that home cooked pasta or whatever they eat in Medici) mechisland (the island from the Mech DLC, only visible if you have the DLC) stingray (the Stingray from Sea Heist DLC, only visible if you have the DLC) top (highest point in JC3) nair (airfield in the north east corner of Medici) rebelhq (rebel headquarters with the sunken ship and airstrip in a cave) abandonair (medium sized abandoned airfield in the south west of Medici) soumil (large military base to the south, multiple levels, large airfield, port, etc.) sisle (sunny little island in the far south, might have some caves or something ) ldt (steep downhill dirt track with big jumps) soupor (military port in southern Medici) In game press 'n' to toggle the server rulers/news/features window. Other minor things: Pressing ctrl closes spawn menus because I always find I go for ctrl to try to close it anyway - for me this is probably actually the most exciting feature.. Admins have special ways to deal with griefers, please tell us if anyone is annoying you and we will intervene! You will be put in vehicles as you spawn them,try spawning a plane while looking into the sky, can you get it going before you crash? Try with nitrous! We have the prettiest banner...
  5. Tarry

    Client commands

    see image..
  6. Tarry


    To be honest I think the scope of "global" is only to that package and in some other packages there are things I need to use throughout the package. If it was the case that global is really global, I wouldn't need to define it there at all, it would be available from freeroam package. Would be nice to know for sure. Anyway I noticed a problem with a random line like typing cursor in my chat, was really annoying me. Your changes fixed it
  7. Tarry


    Thank you. Still getting to grips with node.js and it's just occurred to me.. is global.freeroam for every package? Or just within that package? What do you mean by freeroam breaking?
  8. Tarry


    Utility package to capture key presses and call events off them. Define keys and corresponding events in config.json Add these events in your package and watch them get called. Saves us all re-writing the same code over and over and having elebinty UIs to capture key presses for different packages :) Events are called on client and server. By default it contains an event to toggle servernews visibility (if/when derbl4ck merges my fork ^^). https://github.com/TarryPaloma/keycatcher Just google for js key codes ok?
  9. Tarry

    [Server Package] Server News

    Semt pull request to make 800x600 compatible.
  10. Tarry

    [Server Package] Server News

    I've been trying to get this working in 800x600 for the poor folk who crash out unless they're running at 800x600 and I think I've done it by fudging bootstrap.min.css Two questions: 1. Why does bootstrap.min.css have no line breaks? It's completely unreadable. 2. Why does the bottom text box overlap the images? I have to add filler to the bottom of images so the whole thing is shown e.g. the pink bit here..
  11. Ugh.. I am but.. I'm still getting to grips with this github stuff and yea.. I wanted to do stuff and.. eh. I'll reup it for now I guess. edit: I don't suppose anyone had the readme saved?
  12. The code works for me. What other mods do you have? Any error messages in the console (check during start up and when you try to spawn vehicles)
  13. Allows players to spawn multiple vehicles, max number is configurable. Server side option to enable/disable spawn-in-vehicle for all players (shouldn't interfere with other packages that do this). Adds an admin command to block a player from spawning vehicles. Will despawn vehicles a player attempts to spawn if: The player is already in a vehicle (configurable). The player has been blocked from spawning vehicles . The player has spawned a vehicle within the configurable delay time. As the vehicle is actually spawned by a standard package it's not possible to prevent the spawn altogether without modifying standard files, the vehicle will despawn almost instantly, but explosions may still happen. https://github.com/TarryPaloma/jc3mp-mvs
  14. Having made one noob mistake I made another. For anyone else struggling to get it to work, make sure you run yarn/npm install in the justcord-3 package directory. Now works a charm, thanks MD for a sweet packa... uh.. I just realised how that sounds?

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