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Mor Is

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  1. Mor Is

    Troling Players

    Because there is a new version
  2. Mor Is

    Troling Players

    But they don't want to ban people that are dicks, only the ones that do forbiden things
  3. Mor Is

    Troling Players

    It is everywere. I am not blaming you i am blaming the dushy players :P And admins just have to ask them and that doesn't help
  4. Nice ideas man, but I think the vehicles spawn where you look at not just neer the player
  5. Mor Is

    Troling Players

    Ok so I know that this is part of the game and all, and I don't want to soud like a "little bitch" BUT A lot of times a group of players want to do something like a race or to fly a cargo plane and do some shit with it but all of the trolls are coming there just to ruin it for them as best as they can Now we can go passive mod but the vehicles are still vulnerable. So can you add a command to the servers that if you are in a group, you can make a marker on the map for the group only? and people outside of the group choludn't see it on the chat?
  6. Mor Is

    Infinitely long in-game name

    Don't forget that every time they die the whole screen turnes into text and the server lags like shit