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  1. 1Lomi

    JC3 MP In a big nutshell

    Ey ! I made a little video with silly/funny moments in JC3 mp If you've seen some Ben Buja's videos, you should notice this video look a lot like his. Was fun to add those random SFX :D Hope you like it !
  2. 1Lomi

    BattleRoyale Gamemode

    Sounds great ! It actually sounds like the RPG survival that have been made for JC2MP (The inventory, chasing players in town for loot, hiding your stuff, upgrades... dayum) That mod was dope <3 I hope that your mod will feel the same :D !
  3. Oy ! Sooo for the last week I've seen a lot of poeple asking for some race package ... So I've decided to work on something else first, another mini game, to see if I can actually achieve something playable. I'll try to make the race minigame this week if no one else is working on it. How does the game work ? The mini game is quite simple, you join the queue with the '/startrage' command up to 6 players. If the queue has been up for 90 seconds or if it's full, the game starts. One monster truck and some bad cars with low hp spawn in an arena I made of Nashorn (The very huge truck). One player is choosed randomly to be the monster truck driver. Every other players is assigned to a bad car. For the next 120 seconds, the monster truck has to destroy every single cars, else he looses the game... So yeah that's not a huge a mini game and not perfect but that might distracts players for a while Here's the download link : Rar download link If you have any feedback from any players I'll be glad to hear them. I hope you'll enjoy it ! (That's only an alpha tho :o ! Sorry if I forgot some console.log or if I made any grammar/spelling mistakes) Huge Thanks to BossAct7, Rieffen and OrangeWasTheNewBlack for helping testing stuff <3 ! http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=924725201701181038391.jpg http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=994532201701181038491.jpg
  4. 1Lomi

    [List] Model Hashes, Names, and File Locations

    The simpliest way is to put it in a command in your 'freeroam/commands/admin' add a new command following the patern of the others command. You see the handler ? Thats where you "do stuff" Check in your "player.js" for events to see how the handler work the simpliest way. The code above has an array of strings. Those strings (name) I took em from Lizard link (Thats what I mean by adding name, you just add name or remove some the same way I did it) About the player position, I use a thing you don't have to get the tp position. (the monsterFight.monsterGroup.players[0] return the first player of another array you have not) See that ? gameObject[inc] = new GameObject(obj, monsterFight.monsterGroup.players[0].position, rotat); It creates a new gameObject with obj as a string (took from the array above), the position you can just use what you have as your handler (You should have some example with only "player" in your handler) so you put player.position, and for rotation thats the same : player.rotation... Again, the "player" in the handler is the one who calls the command. What is in the handler is what is happening after he used it. So when someone call the command you created, for each string in the array, it creates a new object at your player position.
  5. 1Lomi

    [Server package] Debugging UI

    Oy ! It saved me some time ! So thank you :) Also, if you plan on improving it, it does not work properly in windowed mode, half of it is cut ;)
  6. 1Lomi

    Events and GameTeleportCompleted

    So now it has been 4 hours of pure tries and fails. And somehow doing the same thing one more time worked ? Im really pissed off and I don't even know what was not working all along. For fuck's sake Anyway, thanks a lot Farqaad. For real.
  7. 1Lomi

    Events and GameTeleportCompleted

    Ok, first, thanks for the answer ! I've tried for the last hour to do it, and still, my event do not work (the GameTeleportCompleted) But I've came up with questions about the client-package : How am I suppose to use it when I'm doing almost nothing in it ? As I said, I've tried for 1 hour moving around all my event, trying to make "fake" ui (because I thought it was absolutely necessary at some point), inspiring myself of others packages... I can't find a way to get that event to work. (You can't use your console.log in the client-package ??? Even in the 'freeroam/client-package/main.js', the console.log do not work in the GameTeleportCompleted event) It seems my client won't communicate with my server :x How the inside of the client package is supposed to look like when you don't need any ui ? Because just having one main with the event in it won't do :x
  8. Oy ! Yay I need help again, I'm trying to make a plug-in dedicated to a mini game (based on a idea of the one person that got banned recently, don't remember the name tho :d)... So the mini game is just 1 monster truck vs 5 trash cars I've done a lot of things so far but right now I'm stuck and need help :x Here's my situation : I have a queuing system for max 6 players with a timer. At the end of that timer, 2 to 6 players are TP in my arena. Here I spawn my cars, and I set the occupant for each of them. My problem is that I need to wait for the TP to the zone to end before I try to TP anyone in the vehicles and start the game. I'm almost sure I need to use the GameTeleportCompleted event somehow but can't figure out how to. To put it REALLY simple here's the code //Event that get called when a new player join the queue jcmp.events.Add('addPlayerEvent', () => { timer{ //If the condition are set, the game start, else the queue is reseted if(...){ jcmp.events.Call('startGame'); } } } jcmp.events.Add('startGame', () => { //Here I spawn everyvehicle //I create my arena //TP all players in the zone I need to load //For every player, I find them a vehicle // And here I need to wait for them to load the zone //After that I would just start the game (within another timer to terminate the game if it last too long) } I would use an Interval (around 15 seconds I think) to wait for all players, after that delay, I would kick all the players that did not load the zone. How can I check if everyplayers the server tp'd are "ready" and have everything loaded around them ? I really hope someone can help me on this one !
  9. Ey ! It seemed like some server owner wanted a quick way to get custom TP's... So I change one of my script to file up a .txt with the current position of your character. If ppl want to put custom tp's in the freeroam mod, just go in 'packages\freeroam\gm\defaultTeleport.js' and add a new line, following the pattern of the other TP's Rar download Link Just extract the 'positionGiver' folder into your 'packages' folder and on the next server load you should see a "position" command in your console. Also, Be SURE to be admin of your server to be able to use the command. So... I'm not sure but there might be some problems with Linux owner... And since i'm not on Linux I can't really try it out for you :x (The problem should come from the path of the .txt) Anyway, I hoped this helped.
  10. 1Lomi

    [List] Model Hashes, Names, and File Locations

    Oh god ! Thanks ! Thanks A LOT edit1: tested some with a little code var prop = [ 'cargo_container_brown', 'cargo_container_green', 'cargo_container_creme', 'cargo_container_orange', 'cargo_container_white', 'rural_platform_a_01_wall_railing', 'walkway_railing_3m', 'guard_rail_b_4m_end_r', 'cargo_large_01', 'cargo_large_02', 'pinata', 'bavarium_ore_ramp', 'mario', 'sniper', 'assault_trooper', 'pogostick', 'w201_minigun' ] console.log('_________________________________'); var gameObject = []; var inc = 0; var rotat = new Vector3f(0, -1.19754, 0); prop.forEach(function(obj){ gameObject[inc] = new GameObject(obj, monsterFight.monsterGroup.players[0].position, rotat); //monsterFight.monsterGroup.players[0] is just to get my player console.log(`Passant par [inc].model :------- ${gameObject[inc].model}`); console.log(`Passant par obj : -------------- ${obj}`); console.log('_________________________________'); inc++; }) Only the pinata and the pogostick are working :( I put all the code for ppl to test if they want. Just change the way you get your player and add name to the array at the beginning
  11. 1Lomi

    Global values ?

    Ok so I figured it out. Now I understand why you need node.js and the package json. I was trying to use the folder name for global values. Like, in your freeroam/main.js you are doing : global.freeroam = { [...] }; So I was doing global.jc3mp-monsterfight = { [...] } (with jc3mp-monsterfight the name of my folder) and I thought you were supposed to do it like this ... But you have to use the name used in the .json file Well, at least it seems like it. Which is weird because in the .json of the freeroam folder, the name is 'nanos-freeroam' and not 'freeroam' Anyway now I have my config file and my grouping system global to everything in my plug-in. Edit : OK IM STUPID the ' - ' is messing with the thing >_>. :sadface: :feelzbadmate: . So you can actually write anything for global values :D
  12. 1Lomi

    Global values ?

    Ey ! Like I said in a previous post, I'm new to this, and this problem may be linked to the fact that i'm not using node.js ... Anyway I gotta ask : How does the "global.freeroam" in the freeroam/main.js work ? I need something similar in my project, having global values the same way you do it for your chat, coulours, etc ... Actually i'm asking only for that because I'm sure all my others problems are of the same kind (module.exports not working, new (require('...')) not working, etc...) It's like I forgot to import something the freeroam folder has ... Or maybe some other file give him some special properties/method ? I hope you can help me ! Thanks anyway !
  13. I hope we will be able to do it at some point client side :D Removing it/alpha channel ?/changing scale ! Would be awesome for record !
  14. 1Lomi

    How can I use npm?

    May I use your post to ask for some help too ? It's kinda linked to NPM. I would like to understand too how to use npm but my main problem here is : why would you need npm when you can right down your own .json file with a notepad ? I mean, if there's not a lot of dependencies, why should we use it ?