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  1. Ralstoni64

    The final JC3:MP stresstest is live!

    Awesome, hope I can get some good footage today
  2. Ralstoni64

    Development Blog - Week 47

  3. Ralstoni64

    Recent Testing Footage!

    Hey guys, I know a lot of people have asked me for links to my videos, so I suppose I will post them here! Here's some footage from the 2nd Day: Here is some from the 3rd Day: And here is some from the 4th Day (today): If you guys like my videos, you should totally subscribe as well, I'd really appreciate it! Just click the subscribe box on the video and it'll help you do that. On a side note, if you're interested in joining the MI6 faction created by Indiana Mark, here's a link to give you some more information
  4. Ralstoni64

    How close do we live together

    Cincinnati, Ohio no Harambe jokes pls
  5. Ralstoni64

    The 2nd JC3:MP preview is now live!

    Hyped! Thanks so much for working on all the issues, we really appreciate it and all your hard work!
  6. Ralstoni64

    A sad day

    Man, I loved doing roadtrips with you and finding new gates and ramps along the way, we're really going to miss you man. You were an amazing guy, and everyone is shocked about this tragic event. Rest in Peace man, we'll miss you.
  7. Ralstoni64

    Get ready for the 2nd JC3:MP Public Preview

    Sweet, super hyped!
  8. Ralstoni64

    Development Blog - Week 37

    So hyped! Little more than a week to go. So excited!
  9. Ralstoni64

    Nanos JC3:MP Contest


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