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  1. Soldiershak

    js3 multyplayer doesn't work

    What's your specs?
  2. Soldiershak

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.6/0.9.7 is now available

    Is it possible to have it check for a new version before launching the game?
  3. Soldiershak

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.4 is now available

    Do I have to remove the previous version or can I uninstall over it?
  4. Soldiershak

    Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    Looks very promising; I look forward to the release.
  5. Soldiershak

    Client version 3.0.6 released

    So true, but we should still be able to hide somewhat (snipers)
  6. Soldiershak

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    Chat bubbles that render in game that are based on how close other players are to you (This should be a basic default feature that comes with the client; that can be disabled by the server owner.) This way it's easy communicate with someone near you vs trying to keep up with the congested chatbox. Most server owners in JC2MP ignored this crucial feature. One more thing is basic gamepad support.
  7. Soldiershak


    Hey this is Soldiershak I used to play JC2Mp a lot I even ran a faction on the ProblemSolvers server named SoldierForce; I believe this was about 2 years ago -I had a lot of fun and just recently bought JC3 the single player is fun, but I'm also looking forward to this multiplayer mod.

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