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  1. MD678685

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.9 is now available

    Thanks for the great work!
  2. Justquery is a server package which allows you to read the status of your server! Current features: Get a list of players in game, List the installed packages, Add live server status to your website ...and more! Download it from GitHub or GitLab and drop it in your server packages directory.
  3. This isn't the chat help thread, but if you have chat installed on the server, you should be able to press T to chat. Thanks; good to know it's working well!
  4. Make sure you clicked the "Create a Bot User" button on the Discord Developers site after creating the app.
  5. Try updating and report back if it works now. If the errors continue, could you create a GitHub issue with examples of the you see errors in the console?
  6. Are you on the absolute latest version from git? There was previously a known error with death messages which crashed Justcord causing messages to stop working.
  7. MD678685

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.4 is now available

    Is there a chance that we could have a wget-friendly download for the server? It's inconvenient to have to sign into Steam and upload the server to our host.
  8. Justcord is a server package to bridge your JC3MP server and Discord guild chats! Current features include: JC3MP chat to Discord and back, Sending death messages to Discord, Automatically updating a channel topic, ...and more! For setup instructions, see the README on GitHub or GitLab.

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