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  1. Gamemodes are created by the community, so they come out when they come out. Some might be released for anyone to use, and others might require you to join a specific server to play. More gamemodes will come out when more features are added to the scripting API. By the end of this year, I can see quite a few different gamemodes being popular.
  2. They can't play with the DLC if they don't have the DLC. Nanos can probably fix the crashing, but they cannot give you DLC if you do not own it. People who do not have the DLC will not be able to see DLC things or use DLC things.
  3. Gamemodes will be created by users. Nanos gives players the tools necessary to create gamemodes. That being said, the SP missions may be implemented in some way eventually. Not soon though.
  4. The mod uses CEF for its UI. Every package that has a UI uses CEF. Look at chat or the spawn menu package for reference. CEF is clientside only.
  5. These features are still missing. They are planned and will be implemented into the mod eventually.
  6. Both have produced the Player in the driver's seat for me. Vehicle.driver should be the same as Vehicle.GetOccupant(0) because all vehicles have the driver in the first spot. Could you please provide a code example and scenario to replicate the results you are describing?
  7. Open up the settings tab near the bottom left corner of the screen and change it there, then hit save.
  8. Yes, vehicle.SetOccupant(). Yes, but you'll have to do the math yourself, and it'll be inaccurate. It's better to wait for a later update when we can get the velocity of players. The player that controls the sync for a specific vehicle is handled internally, and cannot be changed via scripting. So no. Not yet. There are future plans for this, but don't expect it for a while. You'll also have to script them when the feature is available - it likely won't just be an option to "Enable AI."
  9. Sure!
  10. Yes, this is a bug. Try redownloading and reinstalling the mod to fix the problem.
  11. Not currently.
  12. Awesome! Lots of new features and plenty of fixes.
  13. https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/680-how-to-make-players-get-into-their-vehicles-automatically/
  14. Try setting the game to 800x600 resolution.
  15. On your log, it doesn't look like your server loaded the masterlist. How is the masterlist package set up in the packages folder? It should be packages/masterlist-package/package.json. If it's anything other than that, you didn't install it correctly.