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  1. I'm not sure what to do about that. I've also experienced audio issues in JC3MP (random restarting, unpleasant sounds), but I don't know any fixes. What I can recommend is just play around with the audio settings and see if anything works, but otherwise you might have to wait for a future update that fixes it. You could also try a non-audio-only format, such as webm, and see if that produces the same issues. If it's a frequent and reproducible issue, feel free to report it on the bugtracker.
  2. Well it depends on what you want to check. Checking is done serverside because there are no specific arguments when creating a WebUIWindow for a specific player. Do you want to check their steamID when they join, and if it is you then it opens up your menu? jcmp.events.Add('PlayerReady', (player) => { if (player.client.steamId == "MY STEAM ID OR SOMETHING") { jcmp.events.CallRemote('OpenMyUI', player); } } And then you'd have an AddRemoteCallable on the client to listen for that event and create the WebUIWindow when it's called.
  3. I made a simple warp GUI so that you can warp to other players in the game. Default key is F9 to open. After you try to warp to someone, they have to accept your warp request. Admins don't have to wait for people to accept and also can warp people to them. Download here: https://github.com/noobasaurus/jc3mp-warpgui
  4. You can only play .ogg files currently. Convert your death sound to ogg format.
  5. You definitely can create WebUIWindows for specified players. Simply check conditions for a player on the server, then CallRemote to that player and use an AddRemoteCallable on the client to create the WebUIWindow. Yes, WebUIWindows also support audio. You create audio the same way you would on any HTML web page.
  6. Not yet. No ETA, so you'll just have to be patient. Tethering and gear mods will probably make their way into the multiplayer mod eventually.
  7. You'll need to edit the UI in a few places, specifically when you press buttons and it tells the server to spawn vehicles. Change this on line 1228 of spawn-menu/client_package/ui/script.js: jcmp.CallEvent('spawnmenu/ui/spawnVehicle', el.data('hash')); to this (you're just adding another line directly under it): jcmp.CallEvent('spawnmenu/ui/spawnVehicle', el.data('hash')); toggleMenu(current_visible_menu); Then to do it for the weapon menu - add the same under line 1239. My line numbers might be a bit off, but you should be able to find what you're looking for just fine.
  8. Change this (on line 8 of spawnmenu/main.js): const vehicle = new Vehicle(modelhash, player.aimPosition, player.rotation); to this: const vehicle = new Vehicle(modelhash, player.position, player.rotation);
  9. You cannot currently enable gear mods. This might be possible in the future. Destroyed objects are not synced to the server and the server has no knowledge of them. You cannot save destroyed areas and objects currently, and if it does become a feature, it will probably not be available for a long time. You cannot adjust these currently, but it will probably be possible in the future.
  10. Press the key above tab. Should be ` or ~
  11. function foo() {} const bar = 5; jcmp.events.Add('PlayerCreated', player => { player.foo = foo; player.bar = bar; player.foo(); console.log(player.bar); }); This is an example of how you can give the serverside Player class custom properties. You can make the properties any type; primitives, arrays, objects, functions, etc.
  12. Simple Find Four game that you can play with others. Download from the packages page here. Visit the github page for more information on installation and how to play.
  13. Make sure your steam profile is public. You can set it back to private after verifying ownership.
  14. Nice work! Layout looks very clean and organized. I like it.
  15. Awesome. Super excited for all the fixes and new API additions. Can't wait!