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  1. need help with my server its just for me and my frind

    You can download the default packages here.
  2. JC3mp server

    Server install guide here
  3. Client favorites

    It uses the Steam favorite server system, which means IP. You can see your favorite servers for all games through Steam -> View -> Servers -> Favorites
  4. Server update

    You need to run app_update in order to update your linux server. You should not update your server while it is running.
  5. Are you able to add the M488 (Nuke weapons)

    You can debug CEF UIs in your browser at this link: http://localhost:13172/ If you want a premade spawn menu with all DLC weapons and vehicles, you can download Protato's spawn menu here.
  6. How to get a masterlist Auth key?

    Steam masterlist no longer uses auth keys. Set "announce" to true in your config and your server will appear on the masterlist automatically.
  7. Are you able to add the M488 (Nuke weapons)

    That list does not contain all vehicle and weapon hashes. The hash for the M488 is 0x3f7731aa.
  8. Server with DLC

  9. [PS4]Multiplayer issue

    Consoles are not supported by the multiplayer mod and will never be supported.
  10. help me pls

    You can type messages in the chat with T. If the chat isn't visible, press F5 and it should show up. Wingsuit weapons are not enabled yet. They will come in a future update.
  11. Masterlist Logo Grotesque Imiagery

    The next update will have a blacklist in place so that servers can be blocked by the nanos team if they do not follow the guidelines and ToS. With this being said, if a server uses an offensive image, the team will try to respond in a timely manner. Keep in mind that this is technically user generated content though, and that the team can't be held liable for these things, or other things that may happen on servers.
  12. Why it isnt have multiplayer on ps4?

    This will never happen because of legal and technical issues. See similar topics: here and here.
  13. I can not respawn

    Please use the search feature on the forums, because this question has been asked quite a few times already. https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3666-wingsuit-boost-amount/ https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3453-wingsuit-duration/
  14. I can not respawn

    If you are using the freeroam package, you should automatically respawn a few seconds after you are killed.
  15. Battleroyale help

    Add your steam id to freeroam/gm/config.js. Also I don't know why you named this "Battleroyale help" as it has nothing to do with the Battle Royale gamemode, rather this concerns freeroam. Moved to server support section.