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Lord Farquaad

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  1. Grappling hook + Winsuite + C4

    Gear mods (more tethers, rocket C4, etc) will be available soon, probably in the 1.1 update sometime. You can change the wingsuit boost amount and power by adjusting these values clientside: jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostDuration = 10000000; jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostPower = 5000;
  2. Can't download JC3 Multiplayer

    The multiplayer mod does not work with family sharing. You must own the game.
  3. Public Server Help

    Make sure "announce" is set to true in the config.
  4. Ingame Voice Chat

    That's a JC3MP issue and nothing to do with my code. I already created an issue for it here. A couple small updates and fixes have been pushed since the time of release, and I recommend you download them because they fix some massive bugs. Also, there's a branch on GitHub called "spatial" which is an experimental branch that uses 3D audio to make it sound like the voices are coming from the players in game. It mostly works right now.
  5. Ingame Voice Chat

    Voice Chat This package features a peer to peer voice chat, so that players can talk to each other in game. Because it is peer to peer, it is not resource intensive on the server. It is currently configured as a push to talk only service. Includes configurable minimum and maximum distances for voice chat radius as well as push to talk key. Download from GitHub here Please note that this has not been tested with a large amount of players. Let me know if you encounter any issues.
  6. Communication between packages ?

    This may give you some insight into package communication. As for your question, it usually looks something more like this. ---------------------Package 1--------------------- jcmp.events.Add('MyEvent', (x) => { console.log(`the value of x is ${x}`); }); ---------------------Package 2--------------------- jcmp.events.Call('MyEvent', 5); // sending 5 with our event If you wanted to actually get a variable from another package, it would look something like this. ---------------------Package 1--------------------- jcmp.events.Add('MyEvent', () => { return 5; }); ---------------------Package 2--------------------- jcmp.events.Call('MyEvent')[0]; // the value of x is 5
  7. No menu issue

    On Discord, you reported that reinstalling fixed the issue.
  8. Gamemode Ideas

    Do you have a cool idea for a gamemode that you want to share with the community? This is the right place! Describe your gamemode in as much detail as possible here so that other community members who are interested in developing packages in Just Cause 3 Multiplayer can make your idea come to life. Or, you can start making your gamemode right now! The scripting docs can be found here. If you need help, you can visit the scripting channel in Discord or post right here on the forums.
  9. Windows x64 stopped working (jc3 mp)

    Have you tried disabling your antivirus?
  10. Infininite Acquiring Information

    That's very strange. It might be related to your ISP. Do you both have the same ISP?
  11. Infininite Acquiring Information

    Have you tried reinstalling JC3MP? Have you tried various servers?
  12. Infininite Acquiring Information

    Try running the game as admin or disabling your antivirus. You could also check your router settings.
  13. Hello!

    Oh yeah I remember you!
  14. Make Server Public

    Where in the guide does it say that you need an auth key? You do not need an auth key anymore. Follow the guide.
  15. Hello!

    Where did we meet last? I forget.