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  1. Works now. Thanks for the awesome Package!
  2. Drops lots of errors and stops the join messages after some time
  3. [Server Package] Server News

    Now when i connect to my server it kicks me after getting the files. It happend right after i installed the package, and without it everything works.
  4. Some quick quality of life suggestions

    Nah, thats cool. Liked it from SAMP and it's great that they implemented it.
  5. Share your Just Cause 3 screenshots here!

    Chillin' all day
  6. Hardware needed to host a server

    Could it be working on a RPi3 with ExaGear?
  7. Syncing of explosions and things that collapse

    Thanks to all. I got a last question: are C4s synced?
  8. Syncing of explosions and things that collapse

    So if i demolish a bridge for example, my friend doesn't see that? :/ That would not be so cool..
  9. Hey, i just have fast little questions. I think these questions were being answered to already, but i don't want to look in every single thread. Are explosions of e.g. military bases synced and are they resetting themselves after a while, are they streamed and synced for all nearby players? And what about bridges that collapse for example? I can't wait! :-)