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  1. bobmarleyiscool

    Game Crash at beginning

    sorry for the late reply, go into singleplayer (jc3 in your steam) and let it load up then after it has loaded up go onto settings in the menu and then graphics and you should see screen resolution, click that and then click the resolution 800x600 :D
  2. bobmarleyiscool

    [Windows] Auto-Restart Script

    hey this seems really cool, now try and do it for Linux ;)
  3. bobmarleyiscool

    Game Crash at beginning

    run the game at a resolution 800x600, this should fix the problem
  4. bobmarleyiscool

    Server to chat

    Hey I literally worked on this for 5 minutes since its pretty easy, basically type something that isn't the command down in the console and it will broadcast to the chat in game, jcmp.server.AddInputHandler(text => { console.log(`Server: ${text}`); freeroam.chat.broadcast(`SERVER: ** ${text} .`, freeroam.config.colours.red); }); put this in freeroam/events/player and then paste it into a free area that's, not in brackets ;)
  5. bobmarleyiscool

    [Server Package] Server News

    use webm
  6. bobmarleyiscool

    if statement in js

    hey I'm more of a c# coder and I'm quite bad at js, I know how to make my own WebUI thing and I was wondering if I could make an if statement when the f7 key is pressed?
  7. bobmarleyiscool

    Temporary crashfix on connect

    glad to find this fix :)
  8. bobmarleyiscool

    PlayJCMP.exe crashes at 30%

    ok try this, start the jc3mp then instantly turn off your internet box and once it's loaded turn your internet box on. or the jc3mp website has just messed up and should be back working again in a few hours or minuter :)
  9. bobmarleyiscool

    Help me pls!

    english on the forums, ill message you now
  10. bobmarleyiscool

    Fix found on crashing upon joining a server

    crash, in other words, if you try and join a server with a higher res you will crash
  11. bobmarleyiscool

    How to close server browser

    the key under esc (depends what keyboard you have) this key: `
  12. bobmarleyiscool

    Fix found on crashing upon joining a server

    yes, I had a few people message me about the crash and I got them to do this then jc3 mp worked for them
  13. bobmarleyiscool


    hey, i have copied the subzero memorial and edited it a bit so that the HTML will have a video of never gonna give you up, I cant get this to work at all :/ here's the link to the code i will be very happy if you could help me on this problem :) https://github.com/javascriptv2/cinema
  14. bobmarleyiscool

    Crash Problem. Please help

  15. bobmarleyiscool


    ok this is the fix https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3502-fix-found-on-crashing-upon-joining-a-server/

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