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  1. It would be cool to have the whole map and diffirent cities to live in etc. Selling and buying cars, jobs etc.
  2. Would be cool if a good scripter could try to script a rp server. Jobs like trucker, bus driver etc, pilot. (Because the map is so big)
  3. Xaniac

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    It's happening!!
  4. Xaniac

    A sad day

    Although this is a very late post you will be missed Subzer0. You might be out of our sights but you will never be out of our minds, rest in peace dear subzer0.
  5. Xaniac

    The 2nd JC3:MP preview is now live!

    GAHHHH, no servers found.
  6. I really suck at coding but I'm good at making maps in unreal engine 4... *Sigh*. If I were good at coding I'd definetely make a RP server. Any coder who wants to give it a shot?
  7. Xaniac

    Development Blog - Week 42

    Will I get the beta tester tag? :P
  8. Xaniac

    Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    Losing connection 24/7 :/
  9. Xaniac

    Nanos JC3:MP Public Preview 1 is live!

    Doesn't work. I opened it up and I saw a jc3 screen then it closes down immediately.
  10. Xaniac

    Development Blog - Week 38

    A few questions. Will it be on steam? Where do you download it? Is it a early alpha/beta testing? Do you like fried egg?
  11. Xaniac

    Development Blog - Week 38

    How can I participate in the beta?
  12. Xaniac

    Nanos JC3:MP Contest

    Wish me luck bois
  13. Xaniac

    No Development Blog this week

    No problems!

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