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  1. BigChapJ

    [USA] Falon's Server

  2. BigChapJ

    My code was stolen. Do not trust this user

    I have to go with Falon on this one... The previous command was unusable and Falon's rework patched it and it works quite well. Shadow did post his script up for all to see and critique and Falon liked the idea and improved upon it. Due to how much was changed I'd call fair use here.
  3. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 50

    Oh my sweet Jesus its a Christmas miracle! This week is an historical time for sure! Hypu
  4. BigChapJ

    No development blog this week (Week 48)

    That is a nice picture...
  5. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 47

    I'm excited excited excited... I hope my garbage Internet stops lagging when this comes out.
  6. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 46

    It's gonna be GREAT! YEAH!
  7. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 45

    You guys are doin' work! Super hype! Perhaps add a dash button in the future. Rico's regular run cycle is slow af.
  8. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 44

    It's gonna be a blast! Thanks for doing the thing nobody else will do. Still hard to believe the JC2MP devs bailed out on the project.
  9. BigChapJ

    A sad day

    I've never met him, but looking at all the other folks in the JCMP community, I'm quite sure he was an awesome guy. There are plenty of amazing members of our community, and the way they all look up to him, I can feel the second-hand sadness. Rest in peace, brother. If only that memorial plaque had a rebel shrine beside it that we could light.
  10. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 42

    Oh thank God for passenger sync... Gotta love roadtrips. I hope someone over there has figured out first person. Even if that isn't a release feature I hope to see it at a later date :)
  11. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 41

    Which is.... Totally rad.
  12. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 41

    There are a lot of good games coming out lately... We've got Battlefield 1, JC3MP, Super Mario Maker on 3DS (finally), LoZ: Breath of the Wild..... My wallet is ready.
  13. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 41

    You all must be exhausted from working this mod all year. I can't wait to see the finished product. You're doing all of us a great service!
  14. BigChapJ

    Vehicle despawning

    In your average JC2:MP sandbox server, you are able to spawn one vehicle into the world at a time. JC3:MP server owners will most likely follow this trend.
  15. BigChapJ

    Development Blog - Week 40

    Boy, I'm sure excited! I have a cousin who is converting to the PC Master Race with this mod being a prime incentive. I literally just realized that I made close to the exact same reply in last week's update XD EDIT by Eren: merged because of double post. Please read the community guidelines. https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/5-community-guidelines-rules/

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