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  1. Jessrabbit

    What can I expect from this?

    Expect quality changes first, content changes in the future.
  2. Jessrabbit

    How to Run the Mod

    Although lots of people are experiencing similar problems there isn't a concrete answer right now. You may want to try some generic fixes. Disabling anti virus, checking you are signed into correct steam with JC3 copy, redownloading the modfile, checking that the base game can run at all.
  3. Jessrabbit

    How to Run the Mod

    Are you experiencing a problem, or you just don't know how to open the game at all? Simply run the "Just cause 3 Multiplayer" file (Desktop shortcut is added by default) and you should be good to go.
  4. Jessrabbit

    Is It Possible To Bypass Needing To Sign In To Steam?

    Oh, silly me, duh.
  5. Jessrabbit

    Is It Possible To Bypass Needing To Sign In To Steam?

    Make a new Steam account, it doesn't take long.
  6. Jessrabbit

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    I don't think you can expect something at such an early development to be on Steam.
  7. Jessrabbit

    Nanos JC3:MP Contest

  8. Jessrabbit

    Reorganisation of forums

    Making the default background as light as possible would be a good idea. Vibrant colours have a negative impact on the eyes and discourage people using the forums (as much as I love the design itself)
  9. Jessrabbit

    Announcing the JC3:MP Preview

    Thank you to the development team for putting in the hours of dedication required to make this a reality.
  10. Jessrabbit

    Submit your ideas and change the way JC3MP is developed

    I'll throw my 2 cents into the mix, why not. I have over 4000 hours in JC2MP so my opinion might be worth at least a little bit. What is most important is to release a bare-bones version of the mod as soon as is possible. While it is all well and good asking for superfluous features - anti-cheat, foolproof debugging, first person view, custom character development, etc, these things take time, lots of time. People will still be willing to play a game that does not come packaged with all these features, and is not the smoothest thing in the world, just as JC2MP was on its release, and still is largely to this day, a work in progress. It's great to have those things, but they are by no means a priority, they can be worked on over time and you are likely to see significant donations roll in towards the project even as it's in just a barely-playable, yet released, state (If you so choose to accept donations). People are very quick to warn against the dangers of rushing the project. But the thing is, having a buggy, non finished, crashing, imperfect game is better than waiting three years to achieve a perfect result. If JC2MP was able to release sooner I guarantee it wouldn't be in the predicament it is today. There is no shame in releasing an imperfect mod, and the edges can always be smoothed out along the way, as long as people are able to play the game - with something that vaguely resembles synchronisation then that is all that's important - the ability to play the game we enjoy, but with friends. And honestly the onus for attracting and keeping a stable game population falls solely to the server developers, not the game developers. As long as there's a variety of interesting and different servers to play on, something which by the way JC2MP was sorely lacking, the mod will find at least some level of success. Obviously that's not something the development team has direct influence over, but I think it's smart to at least bare that in mind when creating provisions for those server developers to use later, that they are your best, and frankly only way to attract players once the initial hype dies down. If they do not have enough ways to create interesting, unique and exciting game modes and servers then the mod cannot expect to go far. Like a lot of other people I kind of put all my eggs in the basket of JCMP development team to bring JC3MP about, with the announcement that they're no longer working on that my hopes fall solely on Nanos to deliver it. It raises my hopes to see a team so willing to ask for ideas and post their progress so frequently, and I really wish JC3MP does live to see the light of day.

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