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  1. Wulf15

    Hi everyone

    Good to have you around. Looking forward to check if your Gamer skillz will go along with your Hardware. Har har.
  2. Wulf15

    Thank you!

    Same here. I completely agree with my co-members. You guys are doing a great job on developing. So don't let yourself getting down by some rude comments. Take your time. Make it great. And then play the sh*t out of the mod together with us. XD To the whole team and your partners I wish you a very merry christmas and some pleasant days with your family and friends. :-)
  3. Wulf15

    Well hello there

    Thanx for your warm welcones. Glad to be here. :-)
  4. Wulf15

    Well hello there

    Well it's like everywhere else I guess. Except a little more DEUTSCH!!!! :-D I like the third game but I agree with you. The second one was better. The german synchro is just terrible. Meeting ingame? Sounds like a Date. :-P
  5. Wulf15

    Well hello there

    Hello fellow nanosians, I am Wulf15 but you may call me Patrik. I'm a 26yo gamer from Lower-Saxony in Germany. I love the Just Cause franchise and can't wait to get my hands on the MP. If there are anymore questions concerning my person feel free to ask.

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