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  1. Shad0wlife

    Can't install because Error

    Google "Visual c++ 2015 redistributable" and get it from microsoft's website. The german one would be https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=48145 for example.
  2. Shad0wlife

    Can you guys make a mulitplayer mod for skyrim ?

    You might want to search for "Skyrim Together" (for example on reddit). Their progress looks really promising right now! (Sorry @ nanos team if this is too advertisy, feel free to remove it)
  3. Shad0wlife

    [Server package] Vehicle Boost

    To have a sensible limit, maybe use a function like MAX_INT * (1-e^factor), since that would only approach the maximum velocity possible, not surpass it... Though I'm not sure how far that would actually keep the ratios between the vector sizes. Edit: also, when checking a jc2mp script, it seems that script added the speed by a fixed amount (like: v = v + ((v/v.length) * multiplier) which may make the increase in speed easier to control. By using some kind of length value, it would also be possible to limit overall speed (so you can't go faster diagonal to 2 axes than along only one) for consistency of the increase. Edit 2: So maybe change the boost method like this: function BoostVehicle(v) { let maxSpeed = Math.pow(2, 53); //Max safe integer //create vector in direction of movement with length 1 let vNormed = new Vector3f( v.linearVelocity.x / v.linearVelocity.length, boostY ? v.linearVelocity.y / v.linearVelocity.length : 0, v.linearVelocity.z / v.linearVelocity.length); //create new movement vector let vNew = new Vector3f(v.linearVelocity.x + vNormed.x * multiply, v.linearVelocity.y + vNormed.y * multiply, v.linearVelocity.z + vNormed.z * multiply); //check if vector length is in maxSpeed range to avoid overflow/loss of accuracy if(vNew.length <= maxSpeed){ v.linearVelocity = vNew; //if new speed is valid, set it. } } Please be informed that I did NOT test the code since I couldn't even get the original plugin to work (it loaded but I couldn't boost, even after doublechecking the key). Also, the formatting got a bit awkward when copy/pasting from notepad++. Sorry for that. So feel free to test and tell how it went. -Shad0w