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  1. Works fine for me, for both versions. But I noticed one thing, also for both versions, that the Game takes longer to load compared to prior 0.95. But they work both.
  2. Wolfseye

    Can't connect to server

    Define please, how far do they get ? Not connect at all ?
  3. Wolfseye

    Friend cant really join Server

    Yes, his client is all updated. We could join current public Servers. And I know that my server is up to date, because I can connect just fine. Thats why I dont understand why he cant. He says, he sees the AQUIRING FILES and the green bar and the dots moving, but nothing more is happening. I am running a Firewall Suite on my PC, but I already checked. Nothing was blocked. Really mysterious. Wolfseye
  4. Wolfseye

    Friend cant really join Server

    We are using Tunngle for many years by now, Hamachi was before. Tunngle works great, and with pretty much all we played with that over the years. ;) And i am pretty sure its not Tunngle, Hamachi or whatever tool you use for that. If that wouldnt work, he couldnt even connect to my Server. The only thing that seems to not work, is when Files are transferred from the Server to the client. I know for sure that no Port is blocked. So I wonder what this specific issue is. Cheers Wolfseye
  5. Hi guys, since I do have only a dynamic IP, which changes every 24hrs, i decided to make a Local Server via Tunngle. Technically it works, just that my friend cant join all the way. Not saying he cant join, but he gets stuck in AQUIRING SERVER FILES you know, what you have with every Server. But there its very quick usually, and you're connected. However he gets stuck there, when he wants to connect. So its not the Lan thing or Tunngle, and its also not that he cant join at all (i see him in the Playerlist while he is connecting), but he gets stuck with that. I doubt its a Port problem. Anyone else had that issue and know what to do ? Thanks in advance. Wolfseye
  6. Wolfseye

    How to do something like this ?

    Thats not the same. And even if it were close, as I said above, I have absolutely no idea how to do some like this. Hence the question. ;) Thanks though. With that Mod you posted above, there was an issue anyways. Not sure if it had been fixed yet. But i would prefer something like this above. Cheers Wolfseye
  7. Yesterday I connected to a Server and that had such a welcome screen with rules etc, even very nicely done. Does anyone know how to do some like this ? Thanks in advance. Wolfseye P.S.: Spoken from someone knowing nothing about the programming in this Game. ;)
  8. Wolfseye

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.4 is now available

    If I overwrite the Server files with the new ones, are all my config files also overwritten ???
  9. - On the JC2MP there was the possibility to move the distance of the vehicle you're sitting in, closer or further, with the mousewheel. Now when I spawn a jet for example, I find the distance it shows away from my screen so to speak, is too great. Same for boats. Player should be able to decide how close or near he wants the camera around the vehicle he is in. - Basic JC3 Settings like Volume etc in the Settings Menu of the Mod, like it also was with the JC2MP. Because going in the Mod, going into a Server and finding out that the Sound for example is too loud for the guys in Voice, now I would have to leave the Mod, and start the maingame again and do the settings. Close the maingame, start the Mod, just to find out that its still too loud or even too less volume, and so on.... - Is it normal that on some military bases I still seem to hear noise from jets or planes, which might be there in Single Player, but shouldnt be there in Multiplayer ? Wolfseye
  10. Wolfseye

    [Server Package] Server News

    That looks nice. I tried to add that to my Server, but all it says while loading (on the Server command window) was that a "unknown package was identified and disabled". So it never loaded the Package. Why not ? I put it in like it was supposed to be, did I had to do something more too ? Wolfseye P.S: Now put it in the right way, the Server recognized it. BUT, as soon as I was loaded in the server and you see that News thing, where you can click CONTINUE, i had no control over my player anymore. Not Gamepad, not keyboard. Tried that a couple times, didnt change. Then I removed the folder from my package folder, and all was back to normal. I did that a few times, just to be sure. Strange, aint it ?
  11. Wolfseye

    No disconnect button ?

    I am fiddling around with a local Server here, and wonder why there is no disconnect button ? When I want to leave my local Server and for example connect to a online Server, i have to shut down the whole game everytime and restart in order to get to the Serverlist. Why is there no disconnect button, so I can get back to the main screen ? Wolfseye
  12. Hi guys, i got a question. How do I enable Vehicle Nitro / Jumps on a Server , i mean if I am hosting one. Because it says its disabled. Would appreciate any help. Cheers Wolfseye
  13. Wolfseye

    Dynamic IP / Host - No way to use for Server ?

    Thx @Lord Farquaad ... However, I wonder, where the Server config file is that is created when the Server was started once ? Dont find one really. Is it in the Server folder or someplace else ? Btw, when I was on public Servers, they had quite the amount of Commands i could see in the text chat when I would do / , and I would like to know if all these things are already in the features coming with the Servers or are there already extras i can download and add into the Server for that functionality ? Thanks Wolf P.S: Ok, i take it back, by acccident i looked into the wrong folder. I see the config.json now in the Server folder, however it doesnt really has much in it. Isnt there more configuration ?
  14. Hi, since i have a Dynamic IP here with my Internet hoster, and the IP changes on a daily basis, is there a way to use a Dynamic Host, just like NoIP, for the hosting ? Otherwise I would have to create each day a new Auth Key, that wouldnt make sense. Also, is there a way to Password a Server ? I havent found a real Server cfg file yet, only the one in the Masterlist packages, the JSON file, but it only contains a handful of lines. If its anything close to how it was with JC2MP, there should be a bigger Server config file, or not ? The Server would be on the same IP / PC as when I am playing. Is that a problem ? What I tried so far, tried with a local Server (which I can connect to via, but others, would they be able to connect with my Dynamic IP , or would it not work at all ? I dont mind if my Server isnt listed in the master list, since I want it (for now) only for my friends, but maybe make something public in time. Could I use Tools like Tunngle to make it possible for my friends to join me ? Any help would be appreciate. Would like to host if for my friends and me. ;) cheers Wolfseye

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