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  1. zoski

    How to get a masterlist Auth key?

    Just delete your masterlist-package and it will be fine . This package is no longer needed.
  2. zoski

    Development Blog - 0.9.9 Progress Update

    Nice work. Can't wait to see the rewrited server running. More stability and Multithreading Christmas is early this year !
  3. It's cause the bot don't have sufficient rights on the channel. Like a normal user it need some rights do be able to change channel topic. There is more indication about that there : https://github.com/md678685/justcord-3/issues/5#issuecomment-277989007 ;-)
  4. I opened a ticket on github : https://github.com/md678685/justcord-3/issues/5
  5. zoski

    Server log Package?

    I've made something like this. Don't hesitate to extend it : https://github.com/zoski/jc3mp-iplogger I use it to log my players IP, the final goal is to whitelist them during DDOS attack and drop unknown IP until the attack is over. Edit : Markussr1984 did something more complete here
  6. I get the same problem, I opened a ticket there.

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