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  1. Try running the game in 800x600 resolution and see if that changes anything.
  2. Disable teamviewer quick connect.
  3. Does this happen with no packages at all? Does this happen with all the default packages? What OS are you running the server on?
  4. It's yet again time for another Just Cause 3 Multiplayer contest. This time, we are purely focusing on the topic "boats vs. planes" and as always, you can win great Just Cause merchandise packages. So, what do you need to do to participate? Simply create great pictures, videos or gifs matching to our topic and show them to us on Social Media (e.g. Twitter @justcause3_mp) - It doesn't matter if it includes stunts, fails other crazy scenes or just beautiful landscapes. Aslong as it fits into the topic 'boats vs. planes', you can participate. You are allowed to work together as a team, however only the person handing in the screenshot, video, gif, etc. is eligable to win. All winners will be contacted via E-Mail or Social Media and will be mentioned by the offical Just Cause social media team when we are launching our Steam version in the upcoming months. You can join the event till Friday the 21st (18:00, UTC+2). The best 10 submissions win. Please note the terms and conditions listed below. Terms and conditions To join the contest „Boats vs. Planes“ You (also referred to as Participant) need to accept the terms and conditions described below. By participating in the competition or indicating Your assent otherwise, You accept the following terms and conditions. Organizer of this competition is the nanos GbR Güttler, Scholz, Schlotterbeck & Stücker. 1. General 1.1 The contest is about creating pictures and movies related to the topic “Boats and Planes”. 1.2 Participation in the competition is free, there is no competition fee to be paid. 1.3 The winners will be notified via e-mail or the social media channel they used. 2. Process and Evaluation 2.1 Each Participant joins the competition by posting the pictures and movies on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. He must tag the Organisator’s “Just Cause 3 Multiplayer” account on the same social media channel, the Participant has used. 2.2 Each submission will be reviewed by general criteria. The ranking will be made in a confidential environment. You have no right to review the criteria. 3. Obligations of each participant 3.1 If a participant participated intentionally, he grants a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, sub-licensable, fully transferrable, royalty-free license to use and otherwise exploit any Intellectual Property Rights to the Organizer of the submitted or linked pictures and movies. 3.2 Each Participant is required to provide valid and full information about themselves if requested by the Organisator. Only legible and people of age may participate in this competition. 3.3 Participants may not take use of any non-allowed actions, tools or try to gain an advantage through other means of manipulation or means of influence. The provided data, movies or pictures may not contain any sexist, racist or other illegal content. 3.4 Each Participant guarantees that he holds full rights on his submitted or linked pictures or movies and can fully sell his rights. He guarantees that he minds all current existing law and the rights of third parties. In case of violations against this guarantee the Participant (to the contrary of clause 6) accepts the full liability and holds the organizer harmless up to the limits of the law. 4. Prizes and Related Rights 4.1 The participant may receive one or more Just Cause merchandise packages (also referred to as prizes) if he is rewarded. 4.2 The Participant may not claim a guarantee claim for any of the received prizes against the Organizer. In case of a defect, the winner must address the claim to the manufacturer. The organizer shall not and is not able to fully guarantee the assertion of any rights. It is fully up to the manufacturer of the price to comply with any guarantee claim. All prizes will be shipped without an invoice. An invoice cannot be required by the participant. 5. Termination of the contract 5.1 In case of breach of contract the organizer has the right to exclude the participant from the competition. The Participant acknowledge that granted prizes can also be reclaimed after the participant has received it. 5.2 The organizer has the right to terminate the competition without any reason or advanced notice if a proper execution can no longer be guaranteed. 6. Legal process 6.1 Recourse to the courts is not permitted. 7. Contact and final clauses 7.1 This Agreement, including all contractual and non-contractual obligations hereunder, shall be governed by and construed with the laws of Germany. 7.2 If you any questions and concerns You can contact us by mail: [email protected]
  5. Hello everyone, Today we are excited to improve each and everyones life here. We have worked tirelessly for months and are now finally able to provide to you the new best thing you will carry around each and every day, will show to friends and will sometimes even dream of at night: Nano(s) merchandise Whether it's a new sweater, a phone case or a coffee mug. We got you covered with the finest selection of life-improving goods such as a #fucknano branded hoodie. So if you want to spend your (parents) hard earned money for something more important than Doritos and Mountain Dew then be our guests and buy one of the many highly limited and personally signed products.* But to be honest: If you want to support our team then this is the best way on how to do it. Also, if you have any suggestions on what more we could offer be sure to contact us direclty - we are always happy for suggestions. So be sure to head over to http://nanos.shop *products are not highly limited and definitely not personally signed
  6. Added 1.2)
  7. We need more information. When exactly?
  8. Set your profile to public.
  9. Wrong subforum. Moved. Also try changing your resolution to 800x600
  10. C:\Users\>>USERNAME<<\AppData\Local\Just Cause 3 Multiplayer\cache
  11. Does the game get stuck or only the download process? Also wrong subforum -> moved.
  12. No. THat will not change anything. Try verifying your game cache.
  13. Try verifying your game cache on Steam.
  14. Please use the search function in the future. This question has been already asked a lot. https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3474-wingsuit-duration/ https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3453-wingsuit-duration/
  15. You can see if a class is capable of having custom properties in the docs. https://just-cause.mp/docs/client/classes/Vector3f