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  1. Set your profile to public.
  2. Wrong subforum. Moved. Also try changing your resolution to 800x600
  3. C:\Users\>>USERNAME<<\AppData\Local\Just Cause 3 Multiplayer\cache
  4. Does the game get stuck or only the download process? Also wrong subforum -> moved.
  5. No. THat will not change anything. Try verifying your game cache.
  6. Try verifying your game cache on Steam.
  7. Please use the search function in the future. This question has been already asked a lot. https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3474-wingsuit-duration/ https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/3453-wingsuit-duration/
  8. You can see if a class is capable of having custom properties in the docs. https://just-cause.mp/docs/client/classes/Vector3f
  9. Pleasse use the gitlab bugreporter for that. Closed.
  10. You need to redownload it. This will change once we have released our first non-beta release on Steam.
  11. I don't use Teamviewer so I actually can't see that - I simply do not know how that looks like ;)
  12. We are not planning on going open source in the nearest future. The next beta version, 0.9.9, should be released within the next weeks.
  13. Never heard of that issue: Are you sure the scren is frozen or the mouse just simply doesn't move? If you have Teamviewer enabled stop it completely.
  14. Try changing your game resolution to 800x600
  15. It will be released once its ready.