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  1. Sebastian M.

    chat2 - An advanced chat replacement

    I loved that one already on your server. Great that it's now publically available.
  2. Sebastian M.

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #6

    Adem, Make trains great again, plz
  3. Sebastian M.

    Never completely transfers all server files.

    We will be looking into this.
  4. Sebastian M.

    Deticated Steam Server not showing up in Multiplayer list

    Sorry for the late answer. Have you fully followed the guide on our Steam community? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1094953641 If not then it would be best to consult our Discord server. There are a lot of server owners online who may have experienced similar issues when setting up their server.
  5. Sebastian M.

    Just Cause - Roleplay

    Great to see a roleplay server coming to Just Cause 3!
  6. Sebastian M.

    Masterlist Logo Grotesque Imiagery

    First of all: Just Cause 3 is 18+, so is this modification. But as stated above: The newest updates includes the possibility to blacklist servers. If you see server logos which are not compliant with the law then simply report them and we will take a look at them. Please note that such checks can take a bit.
  7. Sebastian M.

    I can't dl the MP Client!

    Known Steam issue. Nothing we can do about. You simply have to wait.
  8. Sebastian M.

    Server with DLC

    Best ask on the Discord. There are some server owners online who already implemented them.
  9. We are constantly working on improving the stability. The next patch is currently in internal testing.
  10. Sebastian M.

    Server with DLC

    It is not fully working and NOT officially supported but you can use some vehicles/weapons already.
  11. @Alexander G. @Pascal S. @Aaron K.
  12. Sebastian M.


    @Alexander G. @Pascal S. @Aaron K.
  13. Sebastian M.


    Have you gotten into contact with the devs on Discord?
  14. Sebastian M.

    how can I create a JC3MP server?

  15. Sebastian M.

    I can't download

    It only works with the bought version, not with the trial.

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