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  1. Are you using the latest JC3:MP Steam version or 0.9.9?
  2. Great to see this being resolved by itself. :)
  3. Update 1.0.1 is now live. We have just pushed 1.0.1 which should fix the most common issues experienced since the Steam release. Quick changelog: - Fixed a crash upon Filetransfer failure (client) - Fixed a crash when updating player info to Steam (server) - Fixed a multithreading crash in combination with Steam (client)
  4. Try the Steam build releasing in approximately 3 hours ;)
  5. Could be a permission issue.
  6. Just use a timer and set the time in it.
  7. Could it be that the disk is full? Otherwise check your permissions.
  8. Install VC++ it manually.
  9. Install the VC++ redist manually.
  10. Try reinstalling and checking the game integrity on Steam.
  11. When does it crash. What exactly do you see. What happens.
  12. Redownload the installer. Never saw that issue before.
  13. Please give more detailed information.
  14. There are already some threads about that issue. Please use the search function.
  15. Can you explain your issue more in detail? When does it exactly crash, what happens? Have you got Steam running and JC3 updated to the latest version?