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  1. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    Cannot start a server

    Hello everybody, I would like some help with setting up my own server for Just Cause 3 Multiplayer. When I attempt to start the server it'll crash at the read plugin line. I also installed just cause 3 multiplayer on that pc just to get rid of the mcvp140.dll missing errors. (but I dont have steam installed on this pc, maybe I should?) I made a screenshot (which I had to make really fast, otherwise it would have dissapeared) I have 2 dump files which I was not allowed to attach these, so I will post them in the link here: http://www.dbgamehost.com/dmp/jcmp_server_dev_06_01_2017_11_57_13.dmp http://www.dbgamehost.com/dmp/jcmp_server_dev_06_01_2017_11_57_17.dmp.pending Hope you can help me out :) EDIT: I just found it this issue is fixed when you install steam on this PC. So for the people who have a serparate server which does not contain a Steam install, please install steam to fix this. appearently this was also mentioned in the FAQ: My server is immediately crashing when loading the plugins Steam must be running for the server to properly start. To set up a server on linux consult our docs
  2. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    And if not, still not a problem. I bet they want a stable beta release which is more important than an unstable client. For the ones who are complaining, you will get over it once you will be thankfull you can play. I mean c'mon it is not that hard to wait 1 more day or so. Lets keep it friendly here ;)
  3. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    i think this indicates that there will be a steam release when it is out of beta ;)
  4. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Yeah you are right ;) Still wondering if I can set up the server right away for the jc3mp and it automatically showing up in the server browser? Otherwise I will have to use a DNS to make it public. (IP wise)
  5. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    LOL how you know xD please do not confuse people. At first I thought this was an empty post, gg.
  6. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Agreed aswell, I am really thankfull they did! ;) HYPE :P Also in the anouncement it says this for the ones wondering when it is released: "JC3:MP will be released in the evening, middle-european time (UTC+1) - Please be patient, it's still coming today ;) "
  7. [LoCo]DennisBerry

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Hell yeah! Thank you for making this possible, I will enjoy this big time for sure. Already following this project for months, but now was the time to create a account ;) Thinking of hosting a server on my desktop server (i7 6700, 16GB ddr4, and samsung SSD) if possible (it already runs a minecraft server) If so, will it be listed in the server browser? or will I have to make a public DNS to share the server?

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