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  1. Client version 3.0.6 released

    I am not saying it should be permanent, but for now there is a limited amount of ppl playing avg 20 so if the range at which you spot someone could be brought up quite a bit temproarily it would improve the gameplay experience.
  2. Client version 3.0.6 released

    What we do need is some way of spotting players more easily.
  3. Client version 3.0.6 released

    O, Thanks thats gonna be so helpful. I did notice another save folder in the documents, so I see why that is.
  4. Client version 3.0.6 released

    Hey, where can I find the file that holds the keybinds, because it will get really tiring to spend 3 minutes each time for each update configuing my keybinds.
  5. Nanos JC3:MP Contest

    Can't wait for this, it is gonna be AMAZING!!!!
  6. Anti-Cheat

    Hear that guyz, on first release things will be pretty good with no limitations!!!!! #Hype
  7. is there a release date?

    Ok well what about an estimation, "it can't take longer than......."? Srsly do ya guyz have any remote minisule amount of evidence on how long this is going to take?