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  1. error

    Should my friend put my IPV4 Address into the quick connect bar? where would I put the port? For example " 4200" or ";4200" or ""?
  2. error

    Thanks, I hope it works
  3. error

    How would my friends access the server unless it was in the server browser using the masterlist-package files?
  4. error

    Now another problem : It says 'Invalid IP and Port combination'. I just port forwarded. You're supposed to use your IPV4 Address, right?
  5. error

    Two issues now. 1. What EXACTLY would I put in the requiredDLC section if I want all 3 dlcs to be required? 2. I can't extract all the files from masterlist-package.tar. It says Access Denied. I can extract most, but not some.
  6. error

    Thanks so much! Just wondering, how can you set a name for your server? Also, I have all 3 DLC, but what should I put in that section to make my server require them?
  7. error

    How do you set up and customize a server? Like custom names for your server. Do you need to port forward? I found the config.json file, but I'm not sure what to put in the 'host', 'maxTickRate','port','requiredDLC', or 'steamPort' sections. Also, this is only a server for me and my friends, so nothing serious, just really want to play without random people ruining it.
  8. The ability to have mods on your server that are required to join it, and if they do not have them they are automatically installed.