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  1. DrGEEK

    Crash when i join server

    i think not i played it before
  2. DrGEEK

    Crash when i join server

    you got a solution?
  3. DrGEEK

    Crash when i join server

    nop, not now
  4. DrGEEK

    Crash when i join server

    Operating System: Windows server, windows client I already connected to my server, when i shut down my server (and not my game), i was sended to the main menu (normal). after that, when i tried to join a server, i crashed. if i restart the game and the server, crash on connecting (sometime, the download on connecting is finished, sometime not). i uninstalled jc3mp and reinstalled it: same issue -_- (if i have spelling errors, it's normal, i'm Belgian)
  5. DrGEEK

    Add as admin ?

    yes or steamdb's calculator, as you want
  6. DrGEEK

    Add as admin ?

    these ones are nanos team i think ;)
  7. DrGEEK

    Add as admin ?

  8. DrGEEK

    Add as admin ?

    So i opened a local server and i don't know how to add me as admin, i tested a lot of things but it didn't worked. plz help! thanks :)
  9. DrGEEK

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Thanks, just thanks!!!!

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