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  1. MarkusSR1984

    Server Won't announce to Masterlist

    Yes this is wrong, The Masterlist package has no client_package includet. you have to copy the masterlist folder into your /jcmpserverroot/packages folder. this looks like this /jcmpserverroot/packages/masterlist and the masterlist folder have to contain the main.js than it should load the package. If than a error happens on loading, than you maybe forget to install the npm packages.
  2. MarkusSR1984

    Launcher crashes at 30%

    Check if JC can access the Internet or if something is blocking it. (Firewall / AntiVirus / etc....)
  3. MarkusSR1984

    wingsuit code!!

    in a package are 2 main.js files i think you take the wrong on your first try one is for the server side and the onother (in directory client_package) is for client side. The windsuit Object is bound on the jcmp.localPlayer Object and this existy only on the client and not at the server. You have to take attention what you where running at witch point. thats all the magic
  4. MarkusSR1984

    wingsuit code!!

    Realy ?? You want to create a own server, but you cant´t do the easyest things ?? I hope you stay localy with your server and you dont run a rootserver. 1. Take this: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/bare-minimum 2. Unpack the zip to your packages directory of server 3. Check Directory order: //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum 4. Rename the bare-minimum directory to something like wingsuit-boost-config 5. open //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum/package.json in your favorite text/code editor. recommend Visual Studio Code / Notepad++ 6. go to the second line and change "bare-minimum" to "wingsuit-boost-config" 7. Do the same in file //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum/client_package/package.json 8. Open open //SomePathToJcmp/packages/bare-minimum/client_package/main.js 9. put the following code in this file, save all you have done and start your server. jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostEnabled = true; // Enable or disable the Wingsuit boost (default: true) jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostDuration = 99999; // The duration of the Wingsuit (default: 7) jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostPower = 99999; // The Power of the Wingsuit (default: 7) jcmp.localPlayer.wingsuit.boostCooldown = 7; // The Boost Cooldown time as lower as faster it is cooled down
  5. MarkusSR1984

    Menu stays when on server

    Or on German keyboard ^ and / or ° But Pressing this key does not always work, sometime you have to restart the game and than connect to the server. This happens mostly if you disconnect from server and than connect to a new server or the same. AND its, a known bug and will be fixed in 0.9.9
  6. MarkusSR1984


    This way only works on Classes who have custom properties enabled
  7. MarkusSR1984

    The client just freeses

    Its the little double Arrow( <-> ) in the upper right corner. left side of the control buttons to minimize maximize and close
  8. MarkusSR1984


    This is a known bug and is fixed in v0.9.9
  9. MarkusSR1984


    This doeas not work, the JCMP Classes are implemented from C++ to the Scripting engine so you can´t extend it with prototype. BUT Most Class Instances does support custom parameters with this you can add what you want to the instances.
  10. MarkusSR1984

    Development Blog - 0.9.9 Progress Update

    @nox, Sebi had give us a link to the Milestones. Click on it and you will see the current developent state of 0.9.9 There is realy no need to ask about different releases and sure not with your sound.
  11. MarkusSR1984


    global.freeroam = somewhat Is a declaration of the global variable freeroam This gets declared in the freeroam package. If you redeclare ot in your package, than its possible that you overwrite the original declaration with yours. The result is a broken package. Btw. In jc3mp this should not happen because there are splitted namespaces where the packages run but with an litte error in v8 or somewhere this can happen and if this happend you are searching a long time until u will find a issue like this.
  12. MarkusSR1984

    Game Crash at beginning

    Go to discord, give your crash dumps to an jc3mp developer and hope he can help you. if not, wait until v0.9.9 gets released and try it again. netxt version will conain some crashfixes to solve this error
  13. MarkusSR1984

    When you download a game, multiplayer issues bugs.

    Hi RVV10RU, This is a classical error, named EBKAC Your Solution is: - Click on the Button nemed "Change your Name" in the upper left corner - Then Change your name in the Dialog - The on the same position gets shon a new Button named Serverbrowser. Click on it! - Then serach a server where you want to join and click on join. - Have fun BTW. Ignore the shown Issues, its only a mirror of by other useres reportet issues.
  14. MarkusSR1984

    Server System requirements?

    To run a server you need near nothing. Pur testserver in a virtual server with 1 core and 512 MB RAM At 10 players on this server the core usement was at 30%. what server u choose is depending on what gamemode you want to run on it ant how many slots you want to share. If you want to make a freeroam server for you and your friends than the data i told you upper is enogth.
  15. MarkusSR1984

    [Package] DAdmin - easy administration for your server

    Looks great. Are you interested to integrate your ui to a bigger admin system ? We have a wip admin system in cooperate with playerindex.de Most functions are ready to use. What is left is a ingame UI and the PI Webpanel. please write me a pn if you are interrested.

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