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  1. Will a dedicated server tool be added to Steam

    Did you check if you have a rule set in your Windows Firewall?
  2. #helloworld

    If this really works out, I'll kiss your eyes.
  3. JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #7

    Are these just simple pictures or static views from the game?
  4. JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #7

    I really like the new UI. What bothers me is the contrast. Especially in the area where the clouds are, it is very difficult to read the text. This point makes me a little curious
  5. [Tool] JC3-MP Package UI Sandbox

    The idea is really brilliant. It will be interesting to see whether it will prove useful in practice. I'm just wondering why the program is 50Mb in size.
  6. Just Cause - Roleplay

    Very interesting project. In my opinion, it could even make more people aware of the multiplayer. I'm really curious to see how you guys are doing the different Jobs.
  7. JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #5

    Hype is real....
  8. Development Blog - Week 49

    Pretty cool stuff :)