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  1. Megadreams

    nanos world weekend #1

    Awesome work so far! And it's really amazing to see how close the team is, keep up the amazing work!
  2. Megadreams

    Client Not Working

    Did you do anything specific to resolve the issue? This might be good for future reference.
  3. Megadreams

    Client Not Working

    Does the singleplayer game itself work properly? Did the mod work in the past or is this your first time launching it? A reinstall of the multiplayer mod could fix the issue as well.
  4. Megadreams

    Client Not Working

    Duplicate of this topic. #Locked
  5. Megadreams

    Well hello there

    Welcome here!
  6. Megadreams

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Don't think that this doesn't give them a bad feeling. They have planned towards that day to then due to unforeseen circumstances see it ruined. We just all have to be patient, I am sure they will come out with a more descriptive statement somewhere soon.
  7. Megadreams

    Thanks for making me stay up all night.

    Because they were still trying their very best to get it resolved? It's not their fault that you decided to keep on waiting until after the time you were already going to sleep. They do this for free, give them a break.
  8. Megadreams

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Oh really? They are doing much more than you can ever imagine. They are currently working their asses off to get this launched. And once again, they do this in their free time for free for all of you. So what can you possibly be angry about? You didn't have to pay anything for this.
  9. Megadreams

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    Do never forget that the Nanos devs are doing this in their free time and for FREE! They do not owe anything to any of you. Yet they take so much time of their lives to make something this incredible to entertain all of you. Yes, they may have some issues causing them to launch later than expected but just be happy that they created this in the first place! Be grateful instead of bashing on them for misses their launch date. They have done (and are still doing so) an incredible job. Do many of you even realize how much work goes into making something like this? Writing the code to make this work is only one piece of the puzzle. Figuring out how the game works is a whole different level...
  10. Megadreams


  11. Megadreams


    Welcome! I hope you will have an amazing time here.
  12. Megadreams

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    The day everyone has been waiting for!
  13. Megadreams

    A sad day

    Wow, this is extremely unexpected and very sad. I loved driving around with him through the amazing map of Just Cause 3. I feel deeply for this family and all of his friends. Those who knew him know how fun it was to be around him.
  14. Megadreams

    Get ready for the 2nd JC3:MP Public Preview

    Let's create some madness!
  15. Megadreams

    Development Blog - Week 39

    Well done guys. You are really working hard on the mod and doing a great job at it.

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