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  1. Are you able to add the M488 (Nuke weapons)

    oh wow thx soo much that just saved alot of time coding new entries, and much more organised. thx
  2. How to get a masterlist Auth key?

    thx but now im getting this. it is refusing to add to the master list. i disabled my firewall and added both steam and jc3 mp as a rule on the firewall. I also disabled both my antiviruses. nothing
  3. The link to the auth key generator is no longer working since full release and just brings me to a blank page saying 'meow' as the tab name and on screen is 'What are you doing here?'. https://just-cause.mp/servers/authkeys I need the auth key
  4. Are you able to add the M488 (Nuke weapons)

    thx. is there a list for all the hashes anywhere as i cant find one. im trying to add all the dlc vehicles and weapons but cant find them all Oh and what is the model name for the m488 This is really annoying as once I added what I guess it to be in the script.js file, when i load the server it now doesnt load the spawn menu till i take it out. there is soo little information on all this Edit again: Oh im stupid I missed a comma, thx works now. but where is the hashes for every other spawnable and weapon? Another edit: I found a list of all hashes finally in a pastebin. really helpful for anyone else with same issue: https://pastebin.com/68x2vGAT However this pastebin has no dlc in it. so I still cant get any of the dlc items. ahh so annoying
  5. Are you able to add the M488 (Nuke weapons)

    can we have an update on this? And when I tried to add dlc to the server, by changing the hashes and stuff, the spawn menu stopped functioning. and i cannot find the hash for the m488 still months later
  6. Server with DLC

    Hi I am trying to do this aswell. and what is the jc3 mp server discord?
  7. Development Blog - Week 47

    Awesome! Can't wait to play it!!! it better be as good as jc2 mp or better