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  1. MamayAdesu

    [Tool] JC3-MP Package UI Sandbox

    50 mb is only installer. Size of whole program is 126.46 mb. 0.07 mb (80 kb) is my code )))0)))00)0) 1% from whole program is only my .exe
  2. MamayAdesu

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #7

    What about gamepad support?
  3. MamayAdesu

    [Tool] JC3-MP Package UI Sandbox

    JC3-MP Package UI Sandbox is free tool which will simplify your development of UI (user interface) for packages for Just Cause 3: Multiplayer Mod. In other words, this program feigns the client of JC3-MP. Download ZIP (~ 50 MB) Program, docs and info
  4. MamayAdesu

    [Package] RandomEvironment

    This simple plugin adds on your server the weather, which changes automatically. You shouldn't anymore to use /weather command. This plugin will change the weather from time to time. Each weather has the chance of emergence. For example, snow always has chance 2%. It means that it's very rare. Note: chances change in depending of time. For example, at night fog is more probable than rain. At day rain is more probable than fog. The thunderstorm is also possible You can set up speed of changing day. By default one in-game minute = three real seconds. Also time is displayed in the left from bottom. // ToDo: synchronization with real time. Time locker. Attention! It's recommended to disable time changing in default freeroam package (if you've installed it) Go to /packages/freeroam/gm/ and open file timeManager.js. On 11thline you should find next line: setInterval(this.syncTime, 1875, this); Just remove this code or comment it (Add // (two slashes) before this code) //setInterval(this.syncTime, 1875, this); [ Github ] Download from Dropbox
  5. MamayAdesu

    [Package] VehicleBomb

    Last version: 1.1.0 (12.08.2017) Do you need to move away your opponent? You can install a bomb in his car. Do you need to destroy the bridge or the excavator? You can install a bomb and several shells on it, then to blow up by pressing of the one button or to use the timer. This plugins adds three types of bomb for vehicle Sensor The vehicle will explode as soon as someone gets into it. Timer The vehicle will explode after the specified time. and, of course, Detonator The vehicle will explode by one pressing of the button which you will select at first. But don't forget: If you want to get into some car, then be careful! If the car hasn't exploded after you have got into it, check is the bomb installed. It is recommended to check the car for existence of a bomb 2-3 times. How to set the bomb? At first you must be in any vehicle. You can set only one bomb for one time. Press DELETE. Then select any type and press Set. The bomb - not the living being and can explode even in case you sit in the vehicle! OK. I found a bomb. How to defuse it? Press END. Your character will begin to look for a bomb. It can take from 1 to 10 seconds. It is worth noticing that the character not always manages to find a bomb therefore it is recommended to check the car 2-3 times. So, you found a bomb. You will see 4 numbers, which change very quickly. Click number and press number (numpad also supported) on your keyboard which is shown. You must do that with all 4 numbers. Be careful and goodluck! Video [ Github ] Download from Dropbox
  6. MamayAdesu

    [Package] inGameMusic

    Last version: 1.2.0 (12.08.2017) This plugin adds music on your server. You can add one track or whole radiostation for any vehicle. It is possible to set different tracks for different vehicles. Wingsuit also supported. Do you want to set up radiostation for cars? You can synchronize it for all players on the server. If it is necessary for you, you can set up package so that it began certain tracks from random positions. Notes: * .mp3 format is not supported. Use .ogg format * In zip-archive from Dropbox you can listen to examples. You can add own audiofiles. Examples for: helicopters, planes, cars, bikes, boats, wingsuit and some "favorite" vehicles: Nashorn 6100, Corvette, CS7 Thunderhawk, F1, Stria Ghibli and Verdeleon 3. * Client can download files to 8 MB. Big files can be splitted on parts. In Dropbox example "car.ogg" was splitted on "car.ogg" (cut) and "car_1.ogg". Don't forget to setup in settings.js, It's IMPORTANT!!! Video on YouTube Wingsuit (Video) Death music (Video) [ Github ] Download from Dropbox
  7. MamayAdesu

    [Package] Height Indicator

    Thank you ^_^
  8. MamayAdesu

    [Package] Height Indicator

    This plugin adds height indicator on your server. Now, flying on plane or helicopter, you can easily look at the height. The plugin shows height above sea level in meters. The indicator automatically turns on if to get into helicopter or plane. However, you can turn on it even during walking, having pressed the Insert button. It is also possible to choose colors of the indicator. White and black. How it switches: First pressing Insert: black color Second: white 3rd: off 4th: black 5th: white 6th: off and so on. The plugin saves the chosen color after you exited air transport. After an entering or after pressing Insert the indicator will turn on with a color chosen by you. [ GITHUB ] DOWNLOAD FROM DROPBOX
  9. About an hour ago everything well worked. Now I can't connect to ANY server. A game crashing without any errors. Reinstallation of the server/client doesn't help. Restart of Windows hasn't helped.
  10. MamayAdesu

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.9 is now available

    I couldn't find already existing bug-report (though as far as I remember, the bug-report on a similar subject already was) therefore I have created new. https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/bugs/issues/321
  11. MamayAdesu

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.9 is now available

    PLEASE fix AUDIO in that F...NG WebUIWindow!
  12. Converting from audio to video hasn't helped. But thank you for recommendations. I'll try to find other ways to solve it. P.s. Also I tried to replace <audio> to <video>. It has also not helped.
  13. Thank you again. It works, but audio file can break at any time. Often at the same time there is loud and very unpleasant sound and the onended() (document.getElementById("myaudio").onended()) function is called. In KMPlayer (Audio and video player for Windows) or browser (Chrome, Firefox) it plays without any breaks and errors.
  14. and which parameters I have to set to create WebUIWindow for ONE SPECIFIED player in ?

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