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  1. Demoux

    JC3:MP Beta Release Announcement

    OH BOI IM READY Bring it on!
  2. Raycasting would be great sometime in the future. Filters for what it is able to hit would be awesome as well (player, gameobject, etc).
  3. Demoux

    General Scripting Support

    What kinds of objects can be spawned with new GameObject()? Is it only entity props (those with the .ee extension), or can all props be spawned (those with .nl and .fl extensions)?
  4. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 49

    I am very excited for this release. Less than a month until the expected release! I'm also very glad that you guys are putting together detailed documentation for this. That's one issue that jc2mp had for a while. Looking forward to seeing what the API can do.
  5. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 39

    Do you have the number of unique players that connected during the preview?
  6. Demoux

    Campaign in Co-Op?

    This is not likely, at least for a while. Once it is possible for scripters to code their own AI, then you may see some gamemodes similar to this, though it is doubtful any will be the same as the story mode.
  7. Demoux

    Announcing the JC3:MP Preview

    Ohhh I am very excited now! Can't wait to take part in the chaos!
  8. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 32

    Correct: that's a car, but it's still a screenshot of the multiplayer. There's been plenty of screenshots and videos of the multiplayer so far, so I wasn't exactly sure what you wanted when you asked for a sneak peek screenshot. Most dev blogs have screenshots in them, and they are weekly. I, for one, do not see any lack of media regarding in-game images.
  9. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 32

    Hey Xaniac, I found this really awesome sneak peek screenshot of the multiplayer for you. Enjoy!
  10. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 32

    Nice dev blog! miningclub119: The release date isn't a mystery. It's completely unknown, even to the developers. The only thing that is for certain is that there will be a version out sometime this year. They can't release anything until it's stable enough. That's all that they can say at this point in time, because unexpected delays will come and postpone the release further. Hence, a set release date cannot be predicted by anyone. People are not giving you hints for you to try to guess the release date; they are giving their best predictions of when they think it will come out.
  11. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 28

    The dev blog was posted on Sunday in my timezone, so it's all good for me. Keep up the great work!
  12. Demoux

    JC3:MP and JC3 DLCs?

    The DLCs will likely only enhance your experience. The devs have stated that they are working to integrate the DLCs (see the dev blog on mechs), though I find it highly unlikely that they will hinder your ability to play multiplayer. That being said, server owners might even be able to choose whether to require the DLCs or not for clients. We'll just have to wait and see.
  13. Demoux

    Development Blog - Week 27

    Where exactly do you stream development? I haven't heard anything of this until now; it sounds interesting to watch. Also glad to hear you've gotten everything working on the new patch.
  14. Demoux

    Detecting in-game destruction

    So it still could be a possibility then. Cool! Thanks guys.
  15. Demoux

    Detecting in-game destruction

    One feature that the JC2MP mod didn't have was that you couldn't detect anything in the base game, such as when you were near a fuel tank or when you had destroyed one. Is there a possibility that we will have events for when players destroy things in the base game so that we can award them with money and such? Also, (dunno how big of a possibility this is) is there a possibility that there will be an event that can detect nearby base-game objects? I know that there will be (or is) an event for getting player-spawned objects, but I was wondering if there would also be the same for base-game objects.

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