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  1. Pascal S.

    Just Cause 3: Multiplayer Mod Released

    Update 1.0.3 is now live. We have just pushed 1.0.3 which should solve some more crashes. Client Fixed a crash when opening/closing a destroyed cargo planes door Fixed a crash on shutdown due to Steam not being exited properly Fixed a crash related to phyiscs processing for weapons Fixed a crash related to unoccupied vehicles and sync
  2. Pascal S.

    Just Cause 3: Multiplayer Mod Released

    Update 1.0.2 is now live. We have just pushed 1.0.2 which should solve a lot of crashes and some minor issues. Client Fixed the most common client crashes Fixed an issue with our code signing process Fixed a crash related to players with weapons in vehicles streaming in Fixed the player not being frozen in the main menu Improved performance, especially the speed of the first startup after installing Fixed password dialog not showing in some cases Fixed camera sensitivity setting not working Fixed mouse inverting not working Server Fixed a crash when starting up with an invalid or already in-use httpPort Fixed invalid config files not being handled properly
  3. Pascal S.

    Windows Server authkey + does not go online

    Authkeys are no longer necessary with the Steam release. The ports which you need to forward are: 4200 (Game Communication) 4201 (Steam Masterlist) 4202 (Steam Other) 4203 (Filetransfer) Unless you change them in the config of cause.
  4. Hey guys and girls, We are very excited that our mod is finally available on Steam. Let's start with a quick list of things that changed from the last beta to the this very first Steam release. New Client UI We entirely redesigned the UI for a nicer look and added functionality to integrate better with Steam You can change game settings in our UI now The native JC3 menu has been disabled Steam Integration You can join and invite friends directly via Steam The masterlist was changed to use the Steam services The masterlist package is no longer needed or used anymore Improved File Transfer Performance Added ShowHud, HideHud and IsHudVisible to scripting API Added client side vehicle scripting (see docs for more information) Added functions to interact with a specific WebUIWindow Updated CEF to version 3029 SetOccupant now teleports the player if the vehicle is not in streaming range Fixed mouse leave event not working properly Fixed DrawRect not working in 2d render mode Fixed player health getting restored on teleport Fixed player getting invulnerable on teleport Fixed issues in Crash Dialog, address is now displayed correctly Fixed audio files not playing properly in a WebUIWindow Fixed the linux server requiring LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib to launch Fixed custom properties of player object not getting reset properly on disconnect and getting reused for the next player Fixed several server crashes We have changed the detection of the Just Cause 3 installation to work more reliable. This should help a lot of people, who were not able to find their local Just Cause 3 folder. So what are we going to do next? The first thing that we want to tackle with 1.1.0 is, that we want to rebuild the foundation of our client, just as we did with the 0.9.9 release for the server. This way we can ensure that we can deliver future updates faster, but still keep our code base ready for upcoming features. It also allows us to improve stability even further, as we can reduce crashes and bugs by cleaning up several parts of our client code. If you want to follow our development plans, feel free to take a look at our public GitLab issue tracking: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/bugs/milestones/6. We are always trying to be as transparent with our development as possible and the best way to follow our development is to just take a look at GitLab from time to time. If you think there’s a feature missing in the mod our you’ve encountered a bug, please report it on our issue tracker: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/bugs/issues. View on Steam
  5. Pascal S.

    Cant just anyone share the client?

    Yes, sharing the exe would work, although redistributing the installer is a violation of our EULA. However simply using our Mod directly with a pirated Just Cause 3 will not work.
  6. Pascal S.

    download page not working

    All three downloads are working fine here.
  7. Hello everyone, once again we have another update ready on our road to a stable release. Changelog Reworked the server code We split large parts of the server code into smaller parts and run them in parallel (yay for multithreading) Decoupled the streamer from the main loop, the streamer now runs every 300ms Rewrote server side entity system to use an entity component system with a chunk allocator This fixes a lot of issues we had with use-after delete causing the server to crash This also improves performance when iterating over entities and gives us more flexibility internally We removed delta package generation from the sync and now batch updates and compress them This increases baseline network usage a tiny bit, but significantly improves performance Changed sync from being reliable ordered to unreliable sequenced, aka only the latest sync will be applied More in depth details coming in a blog post soon Updated node to 7.10 (yay for being up to date again) https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/node Updated Chromium to our fork (required so we can ask the user before giving access to getUserMedia https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp/cef) Reworked large parts of weapon shoot handling, fixes most issues with shots not being synced properly Reworked crashdump handling procedure to collect more useful dumps and be less annoying to users If the client crashes you'll now get a crash dialog prompting you to upload the dump. Please do so, as it really helps us out in fixing issues Added HealthEffect scripting, allowing you to control health regeneration properties Added support for loading images from client packages to the renderer (#187 (Add support for images in Texture or Renderer)) Added a read only localplayer dimension property Added WorldToScreen function to renderer Added logLevel setting to server config Renderer now supports transform in 2d mode Enabled the CEF Sandbox for improved security This should also fix nanosCEF.exe processes staying alive after the client has exited (nanosCEF.exe is gone you will see multiple PlayJCMP.exe's running now) Changed our internal event handler to improve performance and fix issues when used in multiple threads, less (no more) deadlocks Changed plugin init handling to prevent old plugins from being loaded We will release additional information on a future c++ server sdk later Improved error handling when putting invalid data into entity constructors Some internal preparations to support GameObject synchronization Fixed some things not being reset to their defaults on disconnect Fixed issues where certain properties where not applied to the client correctly Fixed vehicles spawning 'stuck' in the air until they are touched by something Fixed server startup failures if no client_packages directory exists Fixed CEF popups not being rendered (for dropdowns) Fixed WebUIWindow missing size getter implementation Fixed various dimension and streaming issues Fixed a crash in our logger that could happen when writing a script error Fixed #284 (Frequent crashes caused by jc3 allocator) Fixed #272 (getUserMedia not working on CEF) Fixed #220 (Custom properties behave weird) Fixed #236 (restart_package does not work) Fixed #77 (UI bugged after server crash) Fixed #183 (PlayerVehicleEntered not called when reentering a vehicle you were removed from by the API) Fixed #59 (Starting without admin access results in a crash on some systems) Fixed #257 (Crash handler (Breakpad) catches exception codes that are supposed to be handled by windows internally) Fixed #260 (Wingsuit: boostCooldown. boostDuration and boostPower always returns default values) Fixed #140 ([FEATURE] Stop connecting / file transfer) Fixed #195 (PlayerWeapon does return wrong values) Fixed #196 (Invalid Steam App Ticket When Rejoining Server) Fixed #221 (Checkpoint has a 'type' field in its constructor but no matching property) Fixed #247 (Malformed package json output is missing path of package) Fixed #237 (Quick Local Connect does not always connect on first try) Fixed #246 (A couple World related additions/bugs) Fixed #245 (Menu does not close when you select sites to whitelist when connecting to server) Fixed #240 (Quick connect box clears itself after you edit settings) Fixed #244 (Local quick connect port in settings broke) Fixed #177 (Request: Add version property to JCMPNamespace) Fixed #239 (Server browser will not go away after connecting to server) Fixed #250 (Server Crash with 'new Vehicle()' without exception) Fixed #263 (All serverside package.json files can become corrupt with NULs upon first starting a windows server) Fixed #121 (Many synchronization issues between players) Fixed #223 (freeze player until file clientside main.js get startet) Fixed #205 (Missing Functions Player.removeWeapon / Player.removeAllWeapons()) Fixed #117 (When disconnecting from a Server, you still hear the Wind sounds etc in the main menu and they're not going away) Fixed a lot of various crashes Added a ScriptError event to get information about script errors. This allows you to build ingame debugging tools (See also: #106 (A client console would help debugging greatly)) If an error occurs while the ScriptError handler is being called, the event is not fired again to avoid infinite recursion. We also have a few breaking changes POIs and Checkpoints have been removed from the server scripting and added to client scripting. SetTime now requires a third argument (seconds) Linux server in this version requires to be invoked with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to lib....so 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib ./Server' Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:https://just-cause.mp/FAQ:https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/FAQSupport:https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/43-support/Scripting documentationhttps://just-cause.mp/docs/
  8. Pascal S.

    So, I'm randomly crashing in the game... [NOT Solved]

    Added you on discord. sbx320#6807
  9. Pascal S.

    So, I'm randomly crashing in the game... [NOT Solved]

    Just one of them would probably be enough, so just use the latest one. If you're on Discord you could send it to me there. Alternatively you could send it via email to [email protected]
  10. Pascal S.

    So, I'm randomly crashing in the game... [NOT Solved]

    Do you have a crash dump for this issue? Crashdumps are saved in your local app data folder (Win+R and enter %localappdata%\Just Cause 3 Multiplayer\dumps to open it).
  11. Pascal S.

    Access denied?

    That looks like some form of error on either Valve's end or your local network. I'd suggest waiting a while and retry.
  12. Pascal S.

    NSIS error on client startup

    Try downloading the installer again.
  13. Pascal S.

    Multiplayer for PS4

    As the others said before, it's not going to happen. The kind of modding we do is not available on Consoles. And even if it was available we'd not have the development resources to support consoles as well.
  14. Pascal S.

    Must Own the game

    Make sure you're logged into a Steam account which owns Just Cause 3.
  15. Hello everyone, it's been a little while since our last beta update. We now have the fourth minor update to the client and server files ready for you. edit: If you receive the following error during server startup, create the mentioned missing directory. This issue will be fixed in Beta 0.9.9. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::filesystem_error' what(): filesystem error: recursive directory iterator cannot open directory: No such file or directory [/home/username/jc3mp/client_packages] In this example you'd need to create the directory "/home/username/jc3mp/client_packages". A quick changelog Added first iteration of vehicle handling scripting functions Added wingsuit scripting functions Changed the menu key to always be the key above tab, regardless of keyboard layout Added additional debugging code for common launch problems Fixed the client not supporting password input Updated node.js to 7.1 We plan to update to 7.4 soon as well Fixed #219 (Setting player.position will reset rotation) Fixed #198 (World.sunPosition does not reset on disconnect) Fixed #162 (Game crash at launch since 0.9.5) Added a message box if Steam is not running Fixed a server crash related to players disconnecting during a network call Fixed server crashes related to player streaming Added support for arrays in event parameters and custom properties Fixed a crash occurring when single player statistics servers are offline Fixed checkpoint rendering Enable media-streams in cef for getUserMedia support Fix a bug that allowed all websites to be loaded instead of just the ones in the websites array in the client package json This probably requires changes on a few server packages to work properly We also have a few breaking changes The "VehicleDestroyed" event has been renamed to "VehicleExploded" A new "VehicleDestroyed" event has been added which is triggered upon vehicle deletion "VehicleExploded" is triggered when a vehicle explodes Changed the rotation order used for scripting functions to a more intuitive order If you previously used rotations in your script it would be wise to check them A detailed explanation of the change is available here NetworkPlayer.localPlayer has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version As a replacement compare the network id to the local player's network id: NetworkPlayer.networkId == jcmp.localPlayer.networkId Due to changes in some of the networking code we increased the internal network version, so this client and server are not backwards compatible Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:https://just-cause.mp/FAQ:https://just-cause.mp/docs/general/information/FAQSupport:https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/forum/43-support/Scripting documentationhttps://just-cause.mp/docs/

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