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  1. SyedMuhammad

    nanos world weekend #1

    that beef seems nice! great work xD!
  2. SyedMuhammad

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #12

    the show must go on!
  3. SyedMuhammad

    Ingame Voice Chat

    great package! going to use it on my server!
  4. SyedMuhammad

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #5

    great job! hype
  5. SyedMuhammad

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #3

    ermahgerd btw it's great to know that the performance on the menu will be improved!
  6. SyedMuhammad

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #2

    I love deletions in the commits heh, theoretically means less dirt in the code
  7. SyedMuhammad

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #1

    Great job of you guys! keep it up! =D
  8. SyedMuhammad

    Core Dumped - Segmentation fault

    Yes! I tried Ubuntu and now debian! both 64x.
  9. SyedMuhammad

    Core Dumped - Segmentation fault

    Hey I'm having problems on my linux server (I had no problems on windows). Every time the server crashes with the error: Core Dumped - Segmentation fault and a file core.[numbers] is created with 500mb + of size. I do not know what to do about it and it's already tiring me. Thanks!
  10. SyedMuhammad

    Just Cause - Roleplay

    Ladies and gentlemen from M├ędici! We proudly present the greatest immersion in roleplay you have ever seen: the Just Cause - Roleplay! I've been developing roleplays's server since the Just Cause 2 - Multiplayer, but now I also brought it to Just Cause 3 too! - What can you expect from the server now? Jobs, Gasoline for vehicles, Gas Stations, Needs such as hunger and thirst, Snack Bars, Banks to deposit your money, Hospitals, and more! - What do we plan for the future? A LOT OF new jobs, buyable Houses, buyable Vehicles, Factions/Gangs, buyable Establishments, new explorable lands, and more! I will be very grateful if you can support the project, and like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/justcauserp/ Join us: Facebook & Discord
  11. SyedMuhammad

    Get LocalPlayer's vehicle

    Great! PS: I had not noticed that there was an array of vehicles in jcmp class!
  12. SyedMuhammad

    Get LocalPlayer's vehicle

    Hey! Is there a formal way to get the LocalPlayer vehicle? I've looked at the docs, but I haven't found a property for LocalPlayer named 'vehicle', as exists for Player on the server. I thought about sending the networkId to the client-side when the Player entered a vehicle, however how (on the client) do I get a NetworkVehicle havinga networkId? Thanks!!
  13. SyedMuhammad

    Updated Docs

    Additionaly, could anyone explain to me the exact functionality and difference between these server-side events: (I intend to add to the docs posteriorly...) ClientConnected ClientConnectRequest PlayerReady PlayerCreated PackageLoaded Thanks!
  14. SyedMuhammad

    Timer in client-side

    Hello! Could someone give me a light on how I could create a timer, similar to this: setInterval(function(){ myTimer() }, 1000); function myTimer() { // my stuff } on the client side? I've already tried setInterval and a timers module, but I realized they are not allowed on the client side (makes sense)... Thanks!

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