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  1. @Tarry the GitHub page is gone. Are you going to upload it again? Otherwise I'll delete this thread.
  2. Hello, Testing and Test Driven Development are becoming more and more important today. With the JC3:MP Server, you don't have the direct ability to test your scripts using unit tests (like mocha). I therefor created a testing environment (leveraging the jcmp-stubs) that will emulate the JC3:MP scripting api to a certain extend which allows you to run your tests easily. It is installable as a npm package (jcmp-test-env) Enough talking, here's the repository: http://github.com/Rukenshia/jcmp-test-env An example that uses this testing environment: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/command-manager/tree/master/test If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Jan C.

    [TEMP FIX] Player names too long.

    the freeroam package has already been updated with a temporary fix: https://gitlab.nanos.io/jc3mp-packages/freeroam
  4. Jan C.

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.4 is now available

    Not for the 0.9 Beta as we have to make sure that you agree to the EULA. The 1.0 Release will be on Steam.
  5. Jan C.

    Masterlist Downtime January 7th, 9pm UTC

    Update took place already.
  6. Hello! The masterlist server will be offline today at 9pm UTC. The expected downtime is around 5 minutes. During that time, the server browser will be unreachable. A Note for Server Owners: Your Server Image (masterlist config.json "image") has to comply with the following image dimensions: 610x250px, max 200KB. Example image: You will not be able to announce your server with different image sizes anymore.
  7. Jan C.

    Debian Errors

    Debian is currently unsupported. Only Ubuntu Server 16.04/10 are supported right now. We are looking into providing more builds. Please be patient.
  8. just FYI, I updated the emulator again to feature all latest scripting api changes.
  9. Jan C.

    Hardware needed to host a server

    There will not be any ARM builds for now. This might change in the future but this is not a priority for us. We will provide binaries for Ubuntu in our 0.9 release including instructions that are confirmed to work with Ubuntu 16.04/16.10. If you want to try it on other platforms, give it a try but don't blame us if it does not work.
  10. Jan C.

    Hardware needed to host a server

    As i already said in like 50 threads, we ran multiple servers on a single $20/mo ditital ocean droplet without any issues. The server hosted up to ~130 players (cumulative). Could probably even scale the server down as it never reached any limits.
  11. Jan C.

    Syncing of explosions and things that collapse

    100 points to this explanation.
  12. Jan C.

    Arre npcs possible?

    The mod (framework) has to provide the basic functionality, making sure that when you i.e. set the position of an NPC, everyone sees it. We then make an API available so that the scripters (you) can call functions on the server like npc.WalkTo(new Vector3f(0, 0, 0)) (just some example, this could make the NPC move from his current position to the given one with animations. There's still a lot of research that has to happen before we can offer these functions.
  13. Jan C.

    Arre npcs possible?

    NPCs are technically possible. We just didn't have any time working on them yet. The main problem would be that they will just be static at first, and if we get them synced it is the server which would have to decide how, when and to where a NPC moves. So there are a lot of things involved and that is not a priority for us right now.
  14. Grappling is working, tethering is not working in the first release.

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