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  1. Dev_34

    Ingame Voice Chat

    Nice work Farquaad
  2. Dev_34

    Gamemode Ideas

  3. Dev_34

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #9

    It's cool that you guys will roll out some 1.1 features earlier and have a public beta. Keep killing it guys!
  4. Dev_34

    JC3:MP - 1.1 Development Blog #1

    Nice work guys. It would be helpful to have syncing options for objects as well, such as the streaming distance API feature from JC2MP.
  5. Dev_34

    Just Cause - Roleplay

    Excited to see how it develops. Good luck!
  6. Dev_34

    JC3:MP Beta 0.9.9 is now available

    Looks like you guys fixed a lot of issues. Can't wait for the bigger API additions.
  7. Dev_34

    JC3:MP 0.9 Beta is now available!

    Awesome :)
  8. Dev_34

    When will JC3:MP be on Steam?

    They keep saying "administrative stuff", which means they can't tell us. They're also stressing how it's out of their control. Someone should keep a counter on how many times this question has been asked.
  9. Dev_34

    Heya gents!

    Happy to see you here mate!
  10. Dev_34

    Syncing of explosions and things that collapse

    I think it depends on where your friend is. I'm making some assumptions here (and I didn't pay enough attention in the beta), but if you're within streaming distance of your friend, and he shot down the bridge using missiles (for example), then you would have those missiles in your world because those are synced.. And if you have those missiles in your game that would mean that the bridge on your client would be destroyed. However if your friend destroyed the bridge and those missiles were not streamed to you (if you were too far away or something), and then you went to the bridge, it would still be there, and your friend's bridge wouldn't. Once they figure out some sort of way to detect destruction, I'm not even sure how they would sync that. It comes down to which client you're going to base the "synced" world off of. Then they'd have to make decisions on how the world resets (or leave that up to scripters). I think their best path would be to leave destruction unsynced and provide scripters with the tools to handle it the way they want to. Less of a mess that way.
  11. Dev_34

    How will the MP mod handle different player saves.

    I'm assuming the jc3mp server software knows nothing about the jc3 world, which is how it was in jc2mp. It would be really cool to have an event system for that so we could handle things like destruction and sync that, but that would obviously require some research into how the game handles that. Hope you guys look into that at some point later on!
  12. Dev_34

    Arre npcs possible?

    Um. Who said there aren't NPCs in jc2mp? Ever since the 0.2 update to jc2mp there have been client-side ClientActors which were very usable because we were able to control their Animation States and also their Inputs. Sure, it wasn't as easy as NPC.WalkTo(position), but by being able to control position, linear velocity, states, and inputs, we had a lot of control over them and could make them do a lot of cool things. I'm not sure how jc3mp's agents are internally structured but I'd like you guys to keep in mind that providing the kind of functionality we had in jc2mp would definitely be a great starting point. With some basic networking code (which I see you guys are doing a good job of building in the API), client-side NPCs in jc2mp were made server authoritative. Some people thought syncing them ourselves was tedious but I found it allowed a greater amount of control and optimization. One guy who was a tester in jc2mp, who I deeply regret to see is not working with you guys because he's pretty brilliant, SinisterRectus, even offloaded graph traversal algorithms (A*) using jc2mp's terrain data (which we recorded and serialized) to the server that the jc2mp server ran on by way of Luvit because we didn't have access to how the base-game handled the agents and their interaction with the game world (the most notable hardship was pathfinding). I see you guys have gotten cozy with the jc2mp freeroam squad though, which is cute. The result of sinister's work was practical, fairly large-scale, world-based, server authoritative AI. Here's a quick screenshot I took a while ago. Most people don't know about the kind of success that work has yielded because it never really made it to any of the big servers / the public eye. I'd really like to see NPCs in jc3mp, but I understand that it's a little soon because you guys are just getting off the ground. For now, I'm hoping you're looking into raycasting lol. Some people in jc2mp complained about the amount of work it took to work with the NPCs because we were given a pretty stripped down API. It'll be exciting to see what kind of API you guys build as things progress. Just know that it's okay if you don't hold our hands through it, you might get some guys who come along and manage to pull things off anyway ;) Best of luck.
  13. Dev_34

    A sad day

    I had the privilege of getting to know Sub over the last year. From one of the first times I talked to him, I was struck by his chill kindness. We also bonded over our common nationality.Just several weeks ago, he expressed to me his excitement for jc3mp.Je zal gemist worden maat.
  14. Dev_34

    Announcing the JC3:MP Preview

    Thanks for the response, sorry I sounded a bit pushy, looking forward to making 'awesome gamemodes'.

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