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  1. derbl4ck

    [Server Package] Server News

    That's the reason it's called ".min.js". It means, that this is a minified Version of Bootstrap. I don't know what's your goal. Please tell this more precisely
  2. derbl4ck

    [Server Package] Server News

    Issue was fixed in the latest version (https://github.com/derbl4ck/jc3mp-servernews/commit/f81fd901db851db805f0174d36cc7f5dbcee1392). Thank you for your help!
  3. derbl4ck

    [Server Package] Server News

    Hey, I tested it today (some seconds ago) with the newest Server Update 0.9.7 and the Client 0.9.6. For me everything worked perfectly. Be sure to have the latest Version of the Server News Package, which is available here: https://github.com/derbl4ck/jc3mp-servernews
  4. derbl4ck

    [Server Package] Server News

    I'll fix it tomorrow. Thank you for your help. Update: fixed Version is uploaded to Github
  5. derbl4ck

    [Server Package] Server News

    Thank you :)
  6. derbl4ck

    [Server Package] Server News

    Hey folks, Today we want to present you one of our packages. This Server package features a news screen after joining the Server. You can switch the News by clicking on the titles on the right side or just wait some seconds and they will switch automatically. The UI closes after pressing the continue button. The Content which is displayed, is fully customize able. In the future we will add a config file to edit the images and text more easily. We hope you have fun with this package. Be sure to check out our other packages too! Best Wishes, Myami & derbl4ck PS: If you find a bug please create an Issue on Github. Link : https://github.com/derbl4ck/jc3mp-servernews
  7. derbl4ck

    Development Blog - Week 49

    This is adjustable in a Settings menu ;)
  8. derbl4ck

    Development Blog - Week 49

    Btw: German Version here: https://jc-mp.de/thread/111-development-blog-woche-49/
  9. derbl4ck

    Development Blog - Week 49

    In the next updates of the minimap, there will be a settings menu. So you can easily adjust the size & style of the map. Be sure to check out my other packages. In the next time there will come some more cool things!
  10. derbl4ck

    Development Blog - Week 46

    Love that
  11. derbl4ck

    Development Blog - Week 45

    Good as always, would be a great Christmas Gift ;)
  12. derbl4ck

    Get ready for the 2nd JC3:MP Public Preview

  13. Sounds cool I love that!
  14. derbl4ck

    JC3MP livemap

    I just made a new Server package, that allows you to see all Players of the Server on the Just Cause 3 Map in your Browser. https://github.com/derbl4ck/jc3mp-livemap
  15. derbl4ck

    Development Blog - Week 38

    German version can be found here https://jc-mp.de/thread/93-development-blog-woche-38/

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