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  1. Tether/boosters?

    Ok thank you
  2. Tether/boosters?

    Hey sorry if this is in the wrong discussion but is there no way to tether or get those special mine boosters in multiplayer? or am i just dumb.
  3. Have the vehicle/weapon spawn menu close

    Thank you so much helps alot!
  4. 10:39]: Malformed package.json: [2017-03-21 13:10:39]: cannot use value() with null Well I took out my Node_modules and it stopped. was wondering what could be the cause in the node_modules. is it just one of the many files with a package and ill need to do take one out at a time?
  5. Hello! Was wondering if there was a way to have the spawn menu close automatically after you spawn something? Cheers!
  6. Spawning vehicles at player location.

    Thank you! I thought i tried this before but it didn't work. must have messed something up before. works now
  7. Hello! Sorry but I do not know much about java, but I was wondering how I would change the spawn location from the aimposition to just the players position? I already have the player auto enter the vehicle. Cheers!